DepEd Teacher Promotion – It is not easy to be promoted


DepEd Teacher Promotion – It is not easy to be promoted, I think every teacher likes to be promoted, especially those who are already holding higher positions, like the teachers-in-charge, head teachers, and principals. It has been said that, “once tested always wanted.” So it is not very surprising for someone to crave for a higher position.

But the question is, “How could you be promoted?” You know, in our present situation, it is not easy to be promoted, I learned from some administrators, who have already retired, that during their time, promotion was relatively easier. I knew also a certain administrator, who got his promotion easily, although he cannot be considered competent in his position. His assets were his loyalty and closeness to his superiors, and he was promoted. But now it is very different. You can no longer promoted easily, even if you are very loyal to your superiors and even to the system. There are many factors to consider before you can be promoted. And competition at present is very keen, especially since there are many who are aspiring for promotion.

Take my case for example. I received my appointment as elementary school head teacher last July 7, 2002. Counting the years, I have been teacher for almost nine years. Like the other head teachers, I can consider myself an overstaying head teacher. Sometimes I wonder, why until now, I have not yet been promoted. Ever since I became a head teacher, I am always rated outstanding. And ever since, I have been very supportive of the projects and programs of the government, like the Department of Education (DEPED). In short, I have been very loyal to the system.

Talking about educational qualifications, I think I am not also very behind, because I have already completed my masteral course and attended several in service trainings and seminars which are related to my position.

Well for the award, I have nothing to boast, because I did not receive any award from the division or regional office. I only received awards from the district office and also from scouting. From the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, I received my Gold Service Award. And from the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, the latest award that I received was the Coral Service Award.

I really don’t know, what my deficiencies are. I was always outranked by other aspirants, even by the new ones. I did not see also the results of the ranking which were not announced. In fact, since I became head teacher and for the many rankings that were made, I did not know my rank. I did not know whether I ranked 56th or last. I only knew that I was outranked, when someone was already promoted to a principal position.

This does not mean that I don’t trust the members of the ranking committee. In truth, I have high regard for them, and also respect their decisions.

What I hope is for the ranking to be open to all, just like the ranking of the new teacher applicants. If possible, the result of the ranking, together with the points earned by the aspirants should be posted to a conspicuous place in the division office. All schools should be furnished with copies of the result.

Aside from that, the criteria for the ranking should be announced earlier, especially if there are changes in the guidelines. And if possible, all aspirants should be furnished with the criteria. By so doing, the aspirants will know that to do, to prepare themselves for the ranking.

The ranking committee should also set a deadline for the submission of all pertinent papers needed for the ranking. No more additional insertion should be allowed after the deadline. The deadline should be fixed. An aspirant who failed to submit his pertinent papers on the deadline, should be automatically disqualified.

In case of awards, the aspirants should be required to present to the committee the original copies of awards they received for authentication. All awards must be checked thoroughly through the master list. Awards not found in the master list would not be counted. And this should count against the one who submitted it.

I believe that if this is done or religiously followed, all aspirants for promotion will be pleased. With the publication of the result of the ranking, the aspirants will know their ranks and even the ranks of other aspirants. They will also know their strong and weak points. And with this, they can be properly guided. Then they can have enough time to improve themselves for the next ranking.

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  1. ariel says

    plz, help… what deped order is the promotion of school officials?

  2. Enna says

    Ayon po sa deped order no. 85,s 2003 head teacher qualification for the experience atleast 1 year TIC or 3 years teaching experience sa case ko po ngpa ERF ako then my paper was attested june 2016 then nagparank po ako for ht at naqulified po n magexam tapos inaasess ulit paper ko lack of tenure daw po ako bkit basehan nila ang latest promotion ko as t3.
    Eh i am 15 yrs teaching n po ako.

  3. Nenita says

    I’m teaching in grade one for how many yrs. ive been teaching for 34 yrs and ive been an author of 4 books for kinder and at the same time for grade 1 also, but until now im only a teacher 1.. If im submitting my erf they always asking my tor original but when i applying as a teacher in ive alreadysubmitted my original tor.. Im always thinking and hoping that before i will retire i will be a teacher 2…. Someday…

    1. Dick says

      they are asking your graduate studies TOR . If you earned the academic requirement for your master’s studies then you will be qualified to become Teacher -III

  4. Madona says

    Paano kung yung ratings mo sa ranking ay alam mong dapat ay mas mataas kaysa sa ibinigy ng committee.. at ang kalaban mo sa ranking ay related sa committee? Then yung kalaban mo ay now pa lang nag enrol ng MA kc nga pr sa ranking na yun. Eh ang requirements atleast 12units of maed. Ikaw ay CARMA na … may experience ka na maghandle ng school but without S.O sa bundok-multigrade. Ikaw din ang may international leadership ang nakakuha ng mababang rank.

    1. mary grace h.gumacal says

      paano kung isa sa mga committee nagsabi na rank i ka at pagkatapos ng mahigit sa dalawang linggo nalaman mo na lang na lahat na nag parank ay hindi qualified.Ano ba ang nararapat gawin?
      Kasi ang rank 1 na yon ay isang taon pa lamang na promote sa t3.anong deped order ang nagpapatunay na hindi dapat i promote sa mas mataas na position yong isang taon pa lamang na promote sa isang position? Pls help me thanks