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How to Easily Earn Money as a Freelancer for Students

Financial situations can be quite difficult when you are student. It can be difficult to keep a steady influx of income to use to buy resources as well as enjoy yourself. Especially when so much of your time is taken up focusing on your studies, making sure all of your work is handed in on time, and that you haven’t missed any revision sessions or seminars. You don’t want to pull any of your focus from the work you are doing, but you have to make money somehow! All of those advantages that come with being in a social space like a university or college don’t but themselves! A lot of the time students will even fear looking at the bank account as they know that there will be less money in there than they had before! But, if you’re a student watching this and thinking of times you’ve avoided looking at your bank statement, it doesn’t have to be like this! It doesn’t have to be this worrying and difficult. Working or having a job doesn’t always mean working at a certain place at a certain time. Due to many technological advancements, more and more skilled people and students are turning to freelance careers in order to find a steady income. This means doing small jobs usually on a one time basis for a client that you communicate with online.

Still feeling confused about what freelancing is? Well let us enlighten you, derailing a few examples of freelance professions and how you might find that one benefits you.

Voice acting

A really popular example of a type of freelancing profession that doesn’t require a lot of special skills and abilities is voice acting. Lots of companies around the world look for voiceovers in specific languages. Maybe they are launching a social media app that will especially for those that speak Spanish. Maybe they are an educational service that need phrases recorded in French or English. Whatever it is, there are people out there looking for a voiceover in a language that you speak. All you really need to do is get yourself a semi-professional microphone and some sort of program to record into. A good microphone should cost you no more than 50 euros, or if you go to a musical school or college, you could look to hire one out. Companies like getting a voiceover that is full of confidence and conviction. So make sure that you practice the script a little bit before you record it, and you approach the script with passion and excitement. Voice acting is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money when it comes to freelance work, everyone has a voice that they can use!

Freelance writing

Writing is obviously a huge skill to have in the freelance world. So many companies out there need a skilled copywriter to communicate the benefits and advantages that customers can gain through using their service or buying their product. This writing can vary from sending them copy they can use on the homepage on their website, to them asking for writing that they can use in a pamphlet informing people about their company. You could even do some online assignment writing. The best way to earn money through freelance writing is to figure out a basic rate based on how much you would charge per 500 or 700 words. This gives any company a clear indication of how much you will charge them. It is also beneficial to provide any company you are hoping to secure a contract with a portfolio of work you have done in the past. This way they can tell if you re someone they’d like to hire, and if your writing style fits the bill in terms of what they are trying to achieve. You may end up writing education pamphlets for a school overseas! There are loads of opportunities!

So to all the students out there: you don’t have to work at that dingy bar downtown, or that strange library with the funny smell! You can actually earn all the money you need to live that student life online! Freelance can often seem like a scary prospect as you have to produce your own work to do. It relies purely on your own work ethic and passion. However if you are eager to make money and feel you have the voice or the writing style for these two jobs, then hop online now and look around for jobs that you could imagine doing!

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