Reply To: Why does God allow prostitution?


The Catholic Church of the Philippines, attention CBCP, is supposed to be the guardian of spirituality and morality among the Filipinos being mostly Catholics.. It is now high time to ask, where are our contributions/alms go? There are bishops and less ranking priests, who are corrupt. They keep on asking contributions left and right from the laity but in reality you can not find where these contributions/alms go. Go to the countryside and you can see dilapidated catholic churches and chapels.. Worst they have catholic institutions (schools, hospitals, etc) which are obviously eked from the money of the laity, which are exorbitant and only the rich can afford.

The messages of Pope Francis are nothing but thrash and rubbish if the Catholic Church hierarchy in the Philippines will not put them into practice and felt tangibly by the Filipinos. We expect the CBCP to reform themselves..