Reply To: Beware of conmen impersonating SkyCable employees



Rene Turingan: that’s the same guy who entered our compound last year and a half. i caught him after a long chase. He has a pending case at the Quezon City Court. same modus.

This guy is protected by a syndicate. He jumped bail also in our case against him. He has a big Mama Mary tatoo on his torso and a slight limp because his other foot is smaller. pero ang bilis tumakbo.

Emmanuel Manalo

Rene Turingan: He should have not have been able to post bail coz of a pending case. Walang kwenta ang mga pulis natin…dapat nag research muna sila before granting bail.Feb 2013 pala when it happened to us.

Jowell Mariano: Rene that picture was taken after your chase last Feb 2013? The picture I posted was taken last 2010. I assume he’s been doing it in between those years too. So that’s 5 years of thievery and fraud and who knows how long he’s really been doing it? He really is a big problem. It’s just plain stupid that there have been a lot of complaints against him not to mention your pending case, but nothing concrete has been done about it. Ang labo ng police nga talaga, shouldn’t they be held accountable for that?

Rene Turingan:Jowell, Yes Feb 2013. I took his picture after he was put on handcuffs by a police who passed by and helped me. He has stolen the laptop of my neighbor and had some jewelries stolen also from a previous robbery that morning we learned while being investigated in the police station. I also learned from his wife who was carrying their 1yr. old son that he was really from SkyCable before and did not know where he’s working after being terminated. The police who handles the case should be held liable because he has a warrant of arrest after jumping bail. They are so incompetent!. This should reach the authorities so that anyone who is responsible for granting bail for this SALOT should be held administratively.