Reply To: Mamasapano, Maguindanao Clash


In response to Bam Baraguir by Floyd Gumpal Gonda

Before anything else let me try to dissect things clearly as per the responses of the people I read on the comments section of my FB page.

1. The 44 SAF deserved to die because they infringed on the territory of the MILF and BIFF.
2. The 44 SAF deserved to die because they did not COORDINATE with the MILF.
3. The 44 SAF deserved to die because they were following the orders of their head that did not put into consideration the above mentioned instances while trying to capture a terrorist.
4. The 44 SAF deserved to die nonetheless despite the MILF not being its prime target nor the BIFF.
Now what do we deduce from the above?
1. The 44 SAF planned to die and just accept anything that their superior said.
2. The 44 SAF was used by unscrupulous people from the military in order to stop the passing of the bangsamoro basic law.
3. The 44 SAF was ignorant and stupid of the terrain and the place because they came from other places therefore its their fault that they all died.

People are saying that the SAF should’ve coordinated peacefully and thus not be dead right away by venturing into an MILF camp.

Did it mean that the SAF came in blazing guns and shouting obscenities while trying to capture a terrorist?

Does it mean that anyone as long as they are not MILF be shot on site?

Why did the MILF not coordinate with the military and ask for their information as well in order to have stopped the massacre while holding off the camps of MILF?

Did the MILF even bother contacting the government or the military?

Why should the SAF be the only one who should ask for permission in all this?

Why did the MILF not clarify everything and just killed them and attacked them and then called it self-defense?

What is the standard procedure whenever a problem like this arise? I’m pretty sure they already talked about this before.

And lastly why is a terrorist in an MILF territory?

Unfortunately a number of people dismiss this intelligence report as false information or just plain failure of intelligence on the part of the SAF.

I find this very disturbing, the SAF is an elite unit, highly trained in combat and is considered the best of the best, thus their name implies. Does it mean that these elite of the elite unit is also the stupid of the stupid unit?

It was told that while escaping the SAF ventured into BIFF territory thus the eventual blood bath. If this is so why aren’t the BIFF also shoot at MILF trying to capture them? Why are there no dead people from BIFF brought upon by MILF?

Should we just relegate this episode in history as a lapse in judgment?

I am not an expert in the mindanao conflict but as the BBL is gunning (pun intended) for peace I just have a few questions to follow.

Pray tell how can there be peace when the MILF and other breakaway groups have their own military and they are not surrendering their arms?

How can there be peace when they want to raise their own flag, and follow their own constitution?

A number of people will say “You don’t understand because you are not from mindanao and you are not a muslim.”

Does one only need to be a muslim and live in mindanao in order to ask questions such as these?

What is so bad about our constitution that they need to create a new one that would suit their needs?

Muslims can live peacefully in Luzon and the Visayas where people are mostly christians but why can’t they do that as well in Mindanao?