Reply To: Mamasapano, Maguindanao Clash


In response to Floyd Gumpal Gonda by Bam Baraguir

Did it mean that the SAF came in blazing guns and shouting obscenities while trying to capture a terrorist?
– please see paragraph 15 of above post

Does it mean that anyone as long as they are not MILF be shot on site?
– if you are carrying firearms, why yes. even different groups from MILF itself had clashed with each other too.

Why did the MILF not coordinate with the military and ask for their information as well in order to have stopped the massacre while holding off the camps of MILF?
– the AFP is not aware of the operation

Did the MILF even bother contacting the government or the military?
– not explicitly said in reports but it is implied especially that they’ve released a statement saying that SAF did not coordinate. had SAF informed the military or the PNP, AHJAG/CCCH could easily inform MILF that yes, there is coordination.

Why should the SAF be the only one who should ask for permission in all this?
– please read paragraph 14.

Why did the MILF not clarify everything and just killed them and attacked them and then called it self-defense?
– again, AFP and PNP ARMM were not even aware of the operation. anyway, are you sure that the first fire came from the MILF?

What is the standard procedure whenever a problem like this arise?
– ‘whenever a problem like this arise’ — are you implying that things like this are to be expected? I am not aware of the standard procedure but the peace agreement itself is the deterring factor to prevent incidents like this. On why that agreement was breached, that is what we should be asking.

And lastly why is a terrorist in an MILF territory?
– please read paragraph 6.

Does it mean that these elite of the elite unit is also the stupid of the stupid unit?
– Who said this?

If this is so why aren’t the BIFF also shoot at MILF trying to capture them? Why are there no dead people from BIFF brought upon by MILF?
– You speak as if both camps are just meters away from each other.

Pray tell how can there be peace when the MILF and other breakaway groups have their own military and they are not surrendering their arms?
– that is what the Normalization Annex is for. Something included in the CAB which is at the risk as of this moment because of this incident.

A number of people will say “You don’t understand because you are not from mindanao and you are not a muslim.”
Does one only need to be a muslim and live in mindanao in order to ask questions such as these?
– YES. And for the last question, if you are from the area and is aware of the context, you would already know the answer to your questions.

I have a question though. What do you propose that we do next?