Reply To: Peace Process in Mindanao


Public already knows that the government panel headed no less by the president himself has made squabble in the way he handled sending off his force to the area. The public pronouncements of MILF Chair Iqbal on the other end of Bangsamoro deal clearly showed he in fact blamed the government for trying to hold an operation without their knowledge as if national forces, in times of utmost confidence and crucial operation, may do and of brutally killing those police force who were already unarmed shows that they show no adherence to rule.

Now in this instance, do these two have the credibility to pursue peace at this moment. I hope they will have to pause because sometimes it pays to keep the status quo than to press hard on a deal which at the onset show bad faith on the other end. Peace process must continue, but not with this kind of people. They have to each hold accountability first. And they must not seek peace, a noble value to justify evil agenda. It is clearer to me now, once the Bangsamoro is done approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives, and of the President, then their territories will become a haven of international terrorists. We have seen it now. It is so clear. They don’t want to surrender to international group searching for terrorists the terrorists they keep safe in their territory. Peace, we are having it Mindanao, except when these Islam fundamentalists bomb any city they want.

Malacañan Palace must stop thinking it can solve this problem by just thinking of the legacy they can have when they leave their posts. Fake peace, shady deal, which does not grow from the roots. We cry justice for now.