Reply To: Peace Process in Mindanao


I totally disagree with this kind of stance.

Who are accountable are matters of fact that must be determined through due process. There are just too much conflicting information and if we do not agree on how we will arrive at the truth, if we leave it in our own hands, if we leave it public opinion and media, we weaken our country further, leaving it an easier prey to those who only think of their vested selfish interests.

The peace process is not owned by the government, the MILF, not PNoy, not Iqbal or whoever leaders we see on TV. They are owned by the people who suffer from war on a daily basis and just want to hold on to any chance for peace – the peace agreement being one. They are owned by so many tireless people who have been working day and night to settle that peace agreement for decades now, to deepen the understanding among peoples in order for them to overcome the deep-seated divide created by long-standing anger and grief that will allow them to forgive or at least desire to forgive and find the grace to agree and the strength to keep those agreements. It is owned by people here in mainland Philippines who are struggling to fight all forms of injustices, including those committed by the Manila-centric government and politics that we have now.

We own the peace process and those tirelessly desiring and working for peace have nothing to do with whatever mistakes that led to the deaths of our policemen. We grieve with their families – yes. We support them – yes. But they risked their lives for the same reason we opt to stay the course of the peace process: lasting peace. We cannot waiver. Not now.