Reply To: Unnecessary Loss of Lives in that Mamasapano Encounter



1. He should have praised the SAF for the accomplishment. Lambasting the troopers simply expanded effect of the loss of lives and made the enemies laughing instead. The President must side with the govt. men and not simply be in the other side of the fence. Treason is a grave crime against the republic. Is it not?
2. He should have silently castigated the planners for the miscalculating the enemy and compelled them to fix this miscalculation to prevent the repeat of such loss in the next operation.
3. He should have lambasted the BIFF for coddling the bombers.
4. He should have criticized the MILF for allowing the bombers to seek refuge in their camp or area and reminded them that the MILF must show greater proof of their sincerity to the peace deal by correcting these treacherous acts and ploys.
5. He should have launched a massive offensive against the BIFF who have grown aggressive and have been wrecking havoc across the land.

Question is, “does he have the balls and integrity to do this?”

Again, TREASON is a grave crime against the republic.