Reply To: All-out war vs MILF solution to Mindanao conflict


It seems that the peace negotiations has become a “deadly charade”. First Imelda went to Tripoli to get the help of a tyrant,We got the Tripoli Agreement but Nothing happened. Then Cory pursued Nur for it. It culminated with Pres. Ramos brokering peace with the MNLF. Several of his commanders did not agree and established MILF. While we gave billions for Nur to splurge, the MILF was waging their little wars on the side. then came GMA who almost gave them what they wanted…. covertly, that is. Here comes PNoy trying to formalize it. Again there were disagreements among the ranks and BIFF came to being. Meanwhile MNLF reneged and burned a City. NOW THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN ONCE AGAIN. The dove is really illusive …..or is it the Novel Peace Prize to them ??