Reply To: Peace Process in Mindanao


Peace processes take time, especially when the problems are deep-rooted and age-old. There will be setbacks; there will be relapses into old habits. Fighting is easy. Pick a gun, aim at your enemy and shoot. Looking for solutions to problems which span legal, social and political boundaries, now that’s the challenge.

I find it sad to think that some of the smartest people I know are advocating to end the peace process in Mindanao and go full-time loco against the insurrectionists.

First, the rights that these men and women fight for are not baseless; they are not mere delusions of racial supremacy nor conquests for expansion. They seek only what they feel is theirs by birthright. The actions of a few of their number should not be equated to the actions of all.

If you call out for an all-out war, destroy not only the men and women you are fighting, but also their children and their children’s children. Otherwise, they will come back to haunt you, to seek vengeance for the unfulfilled legacy they are to uphold.

War has never solved anything except until the other side is totally wiped out. Will you then massacre thousands of innocent women and children for the sake of the fallen 44?
Justice is NOT war.