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As a public elementary school teacher for 10 years and counting, I can sincerely spew that I’ve seen much of the system we are in for a quite a while. Be it about the things worth acknowledging as well as those which can be considered unspeakable. Either way, it is really a joy to see not just the system per se but how education progressed by the ways and means our pupils develop from who they were before to what they were able to achieve many years later. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing them grow and reach heights we haven’t had foreseen them to become. And knowing them becoming successful in their chosen fields is a piece of heaven for us. There we can assess our worth more than the assessments our superiors noted in our PAST and CB-PAST year after year (hehe).

Hi, I’m Jerwyn Labagnoy, with username jerwynography, from here in the Division of Nueva Ecija. I handle both English and Filipino subjects but mostly English. I am a photography enthusiast and would surely glad to share some of my snaps using my small mirror-less camera. I play the guitar and love to sing my heart out but only at home. I intended to participate in this wonderful site because I know that we, teachers, need to voice our opinions in matters concerning education which otherwise would have been boxed inside the four corners of our classrooms.

Thank you, TeacherPH, for accepting me here. I anticipate to learn more from you as I equally would love to share things our fellows may deem helpful in our profession. (Oops, senxa na puh, napahaba yata, hehe)

An ingenious way our townsfolk here in Nueva Ecija made to protect their basketballs from possible perforations due to the school's pointed steel fence.