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Aldub vs Pastillas Girl

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    With all the hullabaloo happening in It’s Showtime and their desperation to gain back some ratings, I’m most disappointed with Anne Curtis-Smith and Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon, and the staff of this show who are women. What your show is doing is like a modern day toned-down glamorized prostitution. Sorry for the term but it comes off like that. You’re auctioning a girl online on national television. Read again: NATIONAL TELEVISION. Ask this to yourself… Would you desperately look for your new boyfriend after you just broke up? Would you immediately date a guy after a heartbreak? Would you publicly announce that you’re looking for a new boy? Would you let your younger sisters or future daughters be in the position of that Pastillas Girl? Would you? Would you even dare? WOW! I’m appalled! I thought the two of you fight for women empowerment and gender equality?! Where’s the feminism in this? Whatever happened to chivalry? Is this what you want to influence the young Filipino women of today? You can deny that it’s not the intention of your show, but you know how powerful the influence of media is. It’s INSULTING as a woman to be auctioned online. It’s DEGRADING to be introduced to a guy on national tv. Every. Single. Day. No buts. No ifs. It’s DISRESPECTING. What are you doing? WAKE UP. SPEAK UP. This is an INSULT to Filipinas! What if a foreigner see this show? They will think Filipinas are easy to get online, that only physical looks matter. That they can get a girl on a first date. I mean, come one? What are you teaching the Filipino youths? Is this all about money or career? Where is your social and moral responsibility? Young girls look up to you and you tolerate this?! Your show is a noontime show, most of your viewers are young kids, young girls. Young girls will think this is right, they will think it’s appropriate to look for a new boyfriend online on a national television. Ignorant mothers will let their daughters do the same thing. Unfortunately, The Pastillas Girl is also a victim here. She’s being exploited. She’s been bashed left and right because of your show. It’s not her fault! She just wants to get famous. But sadly, for all the wrong reasons. And after all this temporary attention (more of controversy actually) Do you think she will be taken seriously by a guy? I hope she can recover from this humiliation and she won’t be traumatized. The general public is bashing your show not because they are fans of Eat Bulaga, it’s because it’s just WRONG. Don’t make a right thing wrong. Just because you are big stars doesn’t necessarily mean you can make a wrong thing looks so right. ABS-CBN, I’m humbly asking in behalf of all the Filipino women around the world, not as a feminist but as a human being, Please STOP this mess. It’s taking away the dignity and the substance of Filipino women. Anne and K, I’m utterly disappointed. Please take a step back and contemplate what are you standing for.

    PS. I forgot Colin is part of It’s Showtime. Yes, including you Colin.

    — ALisFeminist

    From: Audrey Lopez

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