Alliance of Concerned Teachers Sit Down Strike

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    ACT Teachers

    I was once a teacher relying on my monthly paycheck that was worth PHP5,000.00 (PHP2,500 on the 15th of the month and the other half on the 30th of the month). So I feel the sentiments of teachers. But while waiting for your diplomatic requests to happen, I have some alternatives.

    Diplomatic Request # 1: Sahod Itaas, Presyo Ibaba!

    Alternative: Pagkukusa Paigtingin, Internet Kalkalin, Monetization ng Iyong Current Skills Iyong Hanapin, Ng Pagtaas ng Presyo’y Di Gaanong Damdamin

    Diplomatic Request # 2: Upgrade Teachers’ Salaries Now!

    Alternative: Upgrade your skills, upgrade the value of your time. An upgrade to teachers’ salaries may not happen right now, but deciding to upgrade your knowledge and skills, you can make that happen right now. You may already be monetizing your upgraded knowledge and skills before the upgrade on teachers’ salaries happens. I am not saying you disregard and be hopeless on matters you lack control of, but focus on the matter where you have a complete control of.

    Diplomatic Request # 3: Have mercy and compassion, increase our salaries now!

    Alternative: While guilt-tripping works in some ways, have confidence that you have the ability to dig your heels in during tough times. You have the power to put Alternatives # 1 and 2 into existence.

    Diplomatic Request # 4: Abad at Aquino SALOT sa mga Guro!

    Alternative: Harsh words do not put off the fire, much less does it put food on the table. Instead of using your energy and creativity in thinking of word combinations that can creatively insult people, spend it on thinking, speaking, and doing things that you can convert into cash.

    From: J. De Guzman


    Teachers, are you ready for our February 24 Sit Down Strike for Salary increase?

    Here are the suggested activities we can do to show our solidarity/support to our campaign! Mabuhay ang mga Guro ng Bayan! LIKE & SHARE!

    What to do on Feb. 24?

    1. Sitdown Strike (Seatwork/Alternative)
    2. Red Shirt Wearing
    3. Black Arm Band Wearing
    4. Tarpaulin Hanging
    5. Faculty Meetings
    6. March/ Alay-Lakad
    7. Candle Lighting/Mass
    8.Selfie/ Groupie
    9. Media Projection

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