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BDO Internet Banking Phishing Alert

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    I usually use Internet banking for bills payment and account updates, I find this convenient rather than going out and queuing up. So as the usual I used my internet banking, yesterday Sept 17, I encountered something unusual on (BDO) internet banking I was having a hard time getting through the BDO website (it is actually saved in my bookmarks) I am not expert in computer so I suspected a network failure or website maintenance. Since my bills are due, I still find some way to get through, and yes my persistence led me to a site which I thought was legit, *I disregarded the warning “UNSECURE”.

    Banco De Oro Internet Banking Phishing Alert

    Banco De Oro Internet Banking Phishing Alert

    Banco De Oro Internet Banking Phishing Alert

    The Site looks legit but from the usual USER ID & PASSWORD now they are asking for my 16 digit ATM/Card no. & ATM PIN, and so I entered what was necessary,

    1. USER ID
    3. 16 DIGIT CARD NO.
    4. PIN

    After which they now instruct me enter OTP which was sent to my mobile number, (I changed my number recently so I called up BDO Customer Care for help)

    The first thing I asked them is if there was a maintenance of upgrade going on with the website because it was hard for me to get through the website earlier, she told me that there were no advice regarding maintenance or upgrade, I was bothered hearing this, so I told her what was my concern, I mentioned her that I noticed something different from the website, they are now asking for the CARD NO. and PIN, upon hearing this she advised me to block the card and internet banking immediately. They suspect that this is a PHISH SITE!

    They told me that they never ask the card number for internet banking and so as the ATM PIN!
    After blocking and securing my account I got curious and so I went to this PHISH SITE, I keyed in a USER ID, PASSWORD, 16 DIGIT CARD NO. and PIN which I all made up, then they ask for the OTP which was sent to my Mobile number, I entered 4 digit which was made up also. Since it was a fish site they accepted all the info after getting all the info the next thing they will show is “MAINTENANCE ONGOING” !!

    The customer care mentioned that the worst that could happen is the people behind this can replicate my CARD withdraw the money or use internet banking to transfer money.

    So for all of you guys please be careful with entering information regarding your card.

    Here is the URL…

    (*BDO made some actions and has already blocked this phish site!)
    EDITED I wanted to warn my friends immediately so I cut the story short containing the important details, here is the full version. smile emoticon be safe everyone!

    From: REd Duque Badenas

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