Beware of conmen impersonating SkyCable employees

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    Emmanuel Armas Manalo

    Emmanuel Armas Manalo Sky Cable Suspect

    Last January 13, an alleged SkyCable employee presented himself at our door and asked for me. He was let in our house at around 2:10-2:20pm by my lola to service our cable, and I was called from upstairs to talk to him. When I went down, I clearly remember placing my phone and my wallet on the dining table. I remember this clearly since I was checking FB birthday greetings and text messages.

    When I saw the cable guy, he was holding the remote control and looking at some settings on the Sky Cable menu from our TV. I greeted him and after the pleasantries, he told me I needed to pay our overdue bill. Since I didn’t have enough cash at home, I asked if I could pay part of the bill and he agreed but asked me to put it in writing on our statement of account. I sat down on the chair near the dining table and while I was writing, he came closer and pointed out with his hand where I should indicate it. When I was done, he tore the bill and left me the top and bottom part. I didn’t even know there were tear outs since this was the first time I was asked for payment apart from the initial one I made when the cable was installed last November.

    After a while the cable guy asked me to go out of the house with him to check for sparks in the digital box connected to the wall near our gate, and he also said he was going to install the isolator. He then asked me to watch it while he checked the TV inside the house. Thinking my lola was in the house, I wasn’t worried. He went in and out of the house three times, and on the last time, and still without any spark on the wire, he said it was already okay and he tightened a wire with the digital box and said he would be leaving. When I walked him out, he seemed like he was in a rush and even hit his head on the gate as he exited our compound. He then rode a red motor bike and left, which was around 2:30-2:40pm.

    After about 15 minutes later of checking the TV’s reception, and trying to figure out what was different, I tried looking for my phone and realized it was already missing. I tried calling it but it was already turned off. I have since activated the Lost Mode from the Find My iPhone app and posted my mom’s number as the person to contact. After a few more hours of searching, I was convinced it was stolen.

    I failed to get the name of the SkyCable employee but I remember his ID #0066 when he flashed it to me at the start of our conversation. He was wearing a dark baseball cap(black/dark blue), maong jacket and had tattoos on his arm which I could see peeking through his maong jacket sleeve. He had some facial hair. His ID was tucked inside his blue Sky Cable shirt. I remember him having a certain look, he smirked and smiled the whole time we were talking. I also remember him being very confident.

    I was overly relaxed maybe because I was inside the house which was within a village that was guarded that I didn’t stop to think about stuff like why he didn’t issue an official receipt. Also, a month ago, I called Sky Cable to install our isolator since the people who installed our cable last November failed to bring one, so I was expecting the service.

    If he isn’t an employee of SkyCable, which is most likely the case, I’m still not sure how he knew what menus to look at, terminologies only someone from Sky Cable would be familiar with, details about the repair I needed and personal details about my account. A former employee, or maybe he had contacts inside SkyCable?

    Last January 14, an anonymous person texted my mom with the following message: “Hi! I was checking for phones po dito sa nova mai inoffer po sakin na iphone5 original pero mahal, nag browse aq then nkita q ung text mo dun di nla nabura sa iphone 5…binibenta sa stall phone mo…” but I’m not sure if it was due to me activating the feature since Lost Mode tells me that it’s still pending and my phone hasn’t been detected online since it was stolen.

    On January 15, I made a police report at the Q.C.P.D. Station 3 and told the police about what happened. While narrating the events that took place, the investigator told me that there was one guy with the same modus operandi, and he looked for the file. When he showed me the picture of the guy he was talking about, I immediately recognized the guy. It was the same person who went in our house and stole my phone.

    Apparently, he has victimized a lot of other people. He usually ties up his victims and beats them up while he obtains information about the valuables inside the house. He is now on the loose since he posted bail, and has gone missing since February 2013. When I heard of this, I was just thankful that my lola and I weren’t harmed. We could have lost more than just my phone and money.

    For those looking to buy a second hand iPhone 6, you may want to check first if it’s stolen or not. The details of my stolen iPhone 6 are as follows: Space Gray 64gb with serial number MG4F2PP/A and IMEI/IMEID: 354429068489197

    Guys, never have your guard down as these kinds of things come when we least expect it. Attached here is a picture of the suspect, Emmanuel Armas Manalo.



    Rene Turingan: that’s the same guy who entered our compound last year and a half. i caught him after a long chase. He has a pending case at the Quezon City Court. same modus.

    This guy is protected by a syndicate. He jumped bail also in our case against him. He has a big Mama Mary tatoo on his torso and a slight limp because his other foot is smaller. pero ang bilis tumakbo.

    Emmanuel Manalo

    Rene Turingan: He should have not have been able to post bail coz of a pending case. Walang kwenta ang mga pulis natin…dapat nag research muna sila before granting bail.Feb 2013 pala when it happened to us.

    Jowell Mariano: Rene that picture was taken after your chase last Feb 2013? The picture I posted was taken last 2010. I assume he’s been doing it in between those years too. So that’s 5 years of thievery and fraud and who knows how long he’s really been doing it? He really is a big problem. It’s just plain stupid that there have been a lot of complaints against him not to mention your pending case, but nothing concrete has been done about it. Ang labo ng police nga talaga, shouldn’t they be held accountable for that?

    Rene Turingan:Jowell, Yes Feb 2013. I took his picture after he was put on handcuffs by a police who passed by and helped me. He has stolen the laptop of my neighbor and had some jewelries stolen also from a previous robbery that morning we learned while being investigated in the police station. I also learned from his wife who was carrying their 1yr. old son that he was really from SkyCable before and did not know where he’s working after being terminated. The police who handles the case should be held liable because he has a warrant of arrest after jumping bail. They are so incompetent!. This should reach the authorities so that anyone who is responsible for granting bail for this SALOT should be held administratively.


    Grabi nakakatakot naman.. sana mahuli na siya.. tssk.

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