Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla in ICU over gunshot wound

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    I don’t believe this story, he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun!? WTF? first rule before you clean, make sure the magazine is removed and make sure the CHAMBER is clear! If he doesn’t know this why is he owning a gun in the first place.

    Sabi pa nga ni Joel Pablo Salud

    I feel sad and sorry for the son of a senator who “accidentally” shot himself in the chest while cleaning his government-issued firearm (if reports were true). There’s reason to doubt because I used to own a .40 Glock, which has a safety feature on the trigger and grip. Presence of mind is crucial when handling weapons of any kind. If you cannot handle a physical weapon, how can you presume to handle weapons in the realm of ideas? One report went on to say that he had lost the source of his strength now that his father is incarcerated for corruption charges. An unsolicited fatherly advice from one whose own father was incarcerated for 15 years (mine for multiple murder): young man, since you now stand as vice governor of a province, I suggest you find your strength in God and in yourself. A father can only go so far as to be your lighthouse, but your ship’s sails and rudder must be your own. Never think of life as a series of excuses or else a character less than what you have dreamed of having will haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let the people around you put words in your mouth. Your own father will tell you as much.

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