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DepEd Online Application for Teacher 1 Positions

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    DepEd Online Application for Teacher 1 Positions

    Updated Version:

    I have here some inputs to help you get your Deped Applicant Number


    1. Go to Once you get there makikita mo ung registration- you need TIN Number. as one of the requirements in order for you to register.

    *if u don’t have TIN yet just check this site or watch the video in youtube just type-bir tin online application. Get your TIN.

    2. After completing the registration form of DepEd just click sign up at the bottom the registration page.

    * the confirmation will be sent to your e mail in any kind like yahoo, gmail, or
    * the confirmation will take 1 to 2 or more days. Just wait.

    3. After the you received the confirmation from your e mail. Just click the word “here” and the server will automatically bring you to the page of DepEd saying “you have successfully verified your e mail add.” Then click Go to Dashboard

    4. The DepEd Application System will provide you your Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and you may now start filling it out.

    * don’t forget to complete first the data required in the office and Position that you are applying for. It is located at the bottom of the page.

    5. After completing the Personal Data Sheet click submit then go back to the dashboard and your Applicant Number will appear.

    Special Thanks to Mr. Jess Mark Castro


    what if hindi ko na filled up yung position .. d na ba pwede maulit? kasi un ang prob ko sa ngayun? anu ba pwede kong gawin.. so bothered na talaga


    Okay lang yun maam kahit walang position.. ang importante may applicant number kayo.


    Ma’am what if wla lumabas n application number? d ko rin kc npansin n d ko pla nlagyan ng positon. wla po ako nttanggap n application number.



    Ma’am paano po ito? Hindi po nailagay yung Teaching Position 1 and walang lumabas na UAN?


    what if po dalawa yung division na gustong pag-aplayan? saang division office isa-submit ang application? thanks



    Mam same din kami ng problema… Paaano ba ang gawin kong sa position hindi nailagay then walang uan na lumabas…


    Please wait for UAN in your email within the next 48-hours. If by Monday, April 6, 2015 no UAN had been sent, please email [email protected] with subject NO UAN SENT AS of April 6, 2015.


    Good day! Regarding the DepEd Online Application System. After registration, their is a notice telling that the verification code will appear in the email after 48 hours. The problem is, I keep on checking my email, still their is no verification code. What will I do with it?


    Hello po Good day!
    I am so worried about this Online Application. I registered last April 1, that was Wednesday and I waited for the e-mail confirmation to be sent in my account but until now I did not receive anything, what is the best thing that I am going to do now because according to the division where I passed my application, I have to submit it on or before April 6.. please help. What will happen if I will not be able to pass it by tomorrow?


    kapag po lumabas ay ”You are applicant T1….”yun na po ba ang UAN? pwede po ba ito magamit sa dalawang division? thanks po…


    wala po ako na tang gap na Unique Applicant Number 5 days na po akong nag aantay…


    tapos ko na po lahat na send ko na rin po… na fill up pan ko na rin po yong pds… tas nang send ko po yan po kumabas…

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