Filipino vs. English as the medium of instruction

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    There are lots of good reasons why English should be made the medium of instruction in our schools. First of which is because our world as we know it is becoming a global village wherein nation-state barriers are being broken. To be ahead or at least to be competitive in the new world order, being able to speak the English language with the same being the consensus business language is therefore a must.

    Second, how do you expect to teach math or the sciences accurately using other languages? The terminologies used in these important subjects can hardly be understood when spoken or translated in Filipino or in other dialects.

    I also find reason in the argument that very little of us Filipinos actually speak the Filipino language. Our countrymen are more fluent, if not just fluent, in their native dialects. Further, there are parts of the country wherein the population in general speaks better English rather than Filipino/Tagalog. Cebu or majority of the Visayas would be perfect illustrations. Hence, it defeats the opinion that ?tagalog? would serve well as our medium of instruction because it is widely used. Further, if indeed very few speaks English, then the more reason it should be used as the medium of instruction considering that the ability to speak English provides one of the edge needed to be competitive in the global market.

    The argument that the use of English would cause further deterioration in the quality of education in the country is a flimsy one. You cannot put the blame on the medium of instruction for the failure to deliver books to students, training to teachers, enough classrooms and school to accommodate the growing population and generally an environment conducive to learning.

    Lastly, I don’t think it would make us less patriotic if we use English as our medium of instruction. Our love for the country is not measured by the language we use to speak, rather, it is measured by the way we act and behave, by the way we treat our country and fellow Filipinos. On the contrary, it would be less patriotic if we would continue to insist on using a language that would in the end result to disadvantages to our future labor force.

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