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Heneral Luna Movie Review by Marisse Galera

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    One of the points that I really liked about the movie is how it shows that we, Filipinos, are our own worst enemy. We killed, like the American in the movie said, “the only real General we had.” We killed a visionary like Andres Bonificio. And for what? For some Filipinos’ struggle for power and to be on top. Truth be told, while people say that Aguinaldo is a hero (he’s even on money), I think he was actually one of the most selfish people in the Philippine History. He’s not a hero, he’s merely a politician who always has his own agenda in mind, and for this, he led to the death of Bonifacio and General Luna.

    If we look at politics today, we can say that we haven’t changed much. The people in the cabinet merely have their agenda in mind and rarely do they stay there for the people.
    People who lobby for their principles often end up dead and unheard, while others are merely eaten up by the system themselves.

    I’d like to bring the attention, though, to how it says it combines history with fiction—at that point, I couldn’t help but think, “but isn’t history some form of fiction too”. As discussed in class, history is some form of “necessary fiction”. I think, like the way we needed to feel that God is real, we also need to feel that history is real. It gives us something to hold on to, aspire for, and derive identity from. After all, how history is passed on from generation to generation, and we have no choice but to trust whatever it is the older generation tells us to do.

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