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If we were to Oust Aquino‬, who then would become President?

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    Yes, he is irresponsible and I’ve been against him and a number of his policies since he came into power, but should we let Binay become President instead, being constitutionally mandated as next in line under Article VII, Section 8?

    Or are we suggesting we amend the Constitution, the highest law of the land, so that we could give in to the current whims of the public?

    The people have voted and they have chosen PNoy. I believe these votes are sympathy votes for his mother, in memory of the ‘freedom and democracy’ she has granted the Filipino people (an idea which he never fails to remind us when half the time he’s not blaming someone else for his irresponsibility), but regardless, they are still HIS votes. He may be a bad President, and I may hold that he is not MY President, but he is still President of the Philippines in title.

    I hope PNoy’s administration teaches us that our political actions, simple as they may be, have repercussions. Our votes matter, as our expression of political will and leadership decision.

    And unfortunately, life means having to live with our decisions, regardless of how bad these decisions can turn out to be. All the worse when it’s a collective decision which goes against what one personally believes in. Despite not voting for PNoy, I submit to the fact that I have to live with his administration as a good and law-abiding citizen. This is also why I think Pnoy should remain in his position, until the end of his term, or until death or disability rendering him unfit for service, whichever comes first.

    Removing PNoy from office would not only disenfranchise the beauty of People Power, but also creates dangerous precedents which totally disregard the rule of Law. People Power shows how we can all come forward and act as one to effect social change. However, repeating this process again and again blunts the edges of the blade. Frequent rallies on the streets are fodder for legal and actual practice of police power by the wily agents of the State against its citizens. Arroyo did precisely just that, and armed herself with a number of preventive measures against peaceful uprising (Her predecessors would do politically well to learn from her.) Thus, such call to a collective movement will not be as effective when comes the time we really need to use it.

    Furthermore, destroying all the processes we have put to choose our leaders would in effect make the system weak, if not meaningless. Every time we remove a public official for simply displeasing the taste of the masses, the structure upheld by the Constitution weakens. It places “democracy” in the hands of the dissident in the cities where they meet and gather and voice their displeasure, disregarding the entire democratic process it has taken to choose said leader.
    Ousting the highest official of the land is a very powerful tool to show the political will of the people. It is not merely to express sentiments or proffer dissatisfaction. Thus should it be used sparingly.

    Like Elsa said, “Let it go.” We should choose our battles wisely. PNoy’s actions are not worth using the great and powerful political tool of impeachment. Let us live with our wrong decision in electing him, for after all, removing him from office would not bring ‪#‎thefallen44‬ back. Hopefully this will not happen again in this administration, and that we learn that the next time we choose who to vote to power, we will choose correctly.

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