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Jose Rizal Execution

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    1)Photo shows the shoes and hat Rizal wore to his execution which were recovered when his body was exhumed by his family from the Paco Cemetery in 1898. Before his execution, Rizal whispered to his sister, Narcisa, that he kept another note in his shoes. But since his body was buried without a coffin, the note probably was destroyed as his body decomposed.

    Jose Rizal

    2)The mortal remains of Dr.Jose Rizal placed in an urn.

    Jose Rizal remains

    3)Translation of Transcript of Rizal’s Existing Baptismal Record (Baptismal Register 1829-1862).

    Jose Rizal Baptismal Record

    4)Record Book of Dona Trining (Jose Rizal Sister)

    Record Book Jose Rizal

    5)Tomb of Dr.Jose Rizal @ Paco Cemetery. The lady in the left was his mother Dona.Teodora Rizal.

    Jose Rizal Tomb

    6)First Tagalog Translation of the Noli Me Tangere By Pascual Poblete Printed in 1909

    Noli Me Tangere Jose Rizal

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