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Ken-Ken Taxi Driver Paterno Fernando Needs Help

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    Ken-Ken Taxi Philippines

    From: Trex Munar

    Help FB Friends! Need you to share this so that this can be seen of those in the Higher Government Position or Other Private Organization.

    Just Today 2/27/2015, I rode a taxi going to work around 1:30 PM from Bangkal Makati. The taxi driver is very soft spoken and his voice is really fragile like there is really something bothering him. He said he is new in the Taxi corp and badly needed the job. He is very polite. Then suddenly his phone rang and I believe it’s his wife saying that they badly need Money for their daughter. “Makiusap ka na muna sa doctor, wala pa namang 5k ang utang natin, kelangan nyang mainjectionan para di na sumakit ung ulo. Tawag kanalang ulet nakakahiya sa pasahero.” He said to his wife with a very serious but very sweet way. Then I got a hint that it’s a serious matter. when we came by at Chino Roses, her wife called again saying “Hindi pumayag yung doctor.” then He said, “galing na ko ng PCSO hindi ako umabot sa cutoff pinapapabalik ako sa lunes. Umeextra nalang muna ko ng byahe pupunta na ko dyan”. Then after the call, I manage to ask him, “Kuya ano pong sakit ng anak mo?”, he replied “Cancer poh sir(with a very fragile voice). Gagaling pa poh ung anak ko, maliit na butlig lang dati sa mukha un eh, stage 2 cancer lang poh kelangan lang maoperahan. Lumapit ako kay XXXX (vice mayor of some City) pero hindi ako hinarap, pirma nya lang kelangan ko para maoperahan na yung anak ko.” I was speechless, no words came out of my mouth. after 2 minutes then we arrive at my office in Valero. My eyes are already teary that time, I paid him, I gave my largest bill on my pocket. But still I’m hating myself that I can’t give more. I said, “Kuya sana makatulong.” Then he said “Sir? (stunned in 3 seconds then he said) “maraming salamat poh (then he cried)” I then went off the taxi because I was going to cry also. then I wait in front of my office to see if he already go on the road. It takes him about 3 minutes to compose himself again and went on driving. That broke my heart. I just went on the comfort room to compose myself also.

    I don’t need you to like this post, I need you to share this, I hope we can help him and his daughter. I manage to get a picture of his ID in the Taxi. maybe we can just contact the taxi corporation to get his contact number. I will share post this to GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc. (Fan Page), ABS-CBN and Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc. Page. Please help me guys.

    God Bless all of us.


    hi! this morning po nasakyan ko din sya. kenken uwj742. same story and same dialogue po.

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