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Licensure Examination for Teachers Tips – Avoid Erasures

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    Pinakaba ako nyan guys so ingat talaga though I still passed. Like I was called twice by the PRC officers due to erasure and it’s just our Day 1. Sabi nila baka ma-cancel na daw yung paper ko or hindi na mabasa yung sagot ko sa succeeding items after the erasure. I was so devastated kasi feeling ko bagsak na ko tapos nakita ko pa sa baba ng answer sheet ‘No erasure’ pala talaga dapat or even any mark like nail scratches etc.

    Just to prevent any unfortunate event to happen, avoid erasure/s. And sabi nila bumili ng legit na Mongol #2 pencil sa bookstores hindi sa mga vendor just to be sure daw. Plus for example, if you use a mongol pencil dapat same brand daw ang eraser mo. Pag nag-erase kayo, erase thoroughly and also use an eraser at the back part where you had an erasure to even out the pressure that you made.

    I’m just not sure how true pero yun yung advice sakin when I took the board for Psychometricans. I’m positive to have my LET next March.

    Just a tip: Try to answer in the test booklet tapos i-transfer nyo na lang sa answer sheet when you’re done although this is time consuming.

    God bless teachers

    Ivee Fernandez

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