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Need for Upgrading One's Educational Qualification

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    There are several reasons why teachers need to upgrade themselves in the service by attending graduate studies.

    One good reason is for them to be more prepared to assume their roles as professional teachers. Much is expected of teachers. One big expectation is for them to give quality instruction to the children under their charge. What are teachers for if not to give the best education to the young who will be the future leaders and citizens of the nation?

    Secondly, teachers have to upgrade and update their learning in order to be able to compete globally, and locally. Many are now going back to school so much so that the competition for promotion is very strong.

    Thirdly, a teacher goes back to school in order to avail of promotion because one cannot be promoted as Principal I now without getting a Master’s degree in education.

    The challenge is to continue learning if we don’t want to lag behind. Remember that even the old teachers have to upgrade themselves for we are never too old to learn. That’s the beauty and excitement of learning.

    On the other hand, graduate professors are also expected to give their best in teaching graduate students, most of whom are teachers. They are tasked to improve themselves too for as the saying goes: “One cannot give what he doesn’t have.”

    It is likewise the obligation of the graduate school to have a library rich in reference materials like professional books, theses, and dissertations. After all, all what we are after are quality graduates who be assets and not liabilities and who will contribute to the betterment of society.

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