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P01 Marky Lorenzo Clemencio

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    P01 Marky Lorenzo Clemencio

    A SALUTE to our fellow LEYTEÑO
    P01 Marky Lorenzo Clemencio

    *A native of Carigara, Leyte;
    *Teacher/Instructor, Eastern Visayas State University and STI – Tacloban;
    *Alumnus, Carigara School of Fisheries;
    *Alumnus, Adamson University – College of Engineering;
    *A son, a brother, a friend;
    *A husband, a father;
    *A brave SAF defending peace and security for His countrymen.

    A bright and young star laid to rest. We salute you Sir! May your bravery won’t be put into waste. Rest in peace Sir Mark and all the fallen warriors!

    To all school heads:

    On Monday (February 2, 2015), during our flag raising ceremonies, let us collectively honor our 44 SAF heroes and remember all those who perished in Mamasapano, Maguindanao by observing 44 seconds of silence plus one more second for all other casualties. We pray that the path to peace does not lead to the loss of more lives. May our schools continue to foster understanding and tolerance for the healing of our nation. – Asec Rey Laguda

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