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Pope Francis joins people singing "Tell the World of His Love"

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    Pope Francis in the Philippines

    Pope Francis’ holds hands with children as the people attending the youth encounter in UST sing “Tell the World of His love.”

    Rodolfo Cantiveros:

    Never to experience the lifting of my mind, body and soul on the impact of the messages of His Holiness Pope Francis: the three languages- the language to think, the language to feel and the language to do…. and metaphor of the value of weeping…most of us do not weep anymore; and mostly, we have a shallow compassion, we have to learn from the poor, from the less fortunate…weeping and begging are words to remember…such profound message, timely, relevant not only for the youth but for everybody.

    Mary Grace Palaca:

    He sets a good example to all the youth. Truly inspiring. An embodiment of true mercy and compassion especially for the marginalized. And with his simplicity and humility that is so rare nowadays. You’re awesome Lolo Kiko.

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