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Rude Manager of Jollibee Chino Roces Branch

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    Jollibee Chino Roces
    Jollibee Chino Roces

    A woman (a senior citizen) came over to the counter and asked for macaroni soup. The woman was not in line or not even infront of the cashier but a step away or two from the cashier. Maybe the woman did it in purpose for she is a senior citizen and would only want macaroni soup. A MANAGER NAMED RENZ ENTERTAINED HER BUT SO RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND SARCASTIC replying to the woman “ANO PA?! YUN LANG BA?!” UMUPO KA NA PADALA KO PAGKAIN MO!!” The woman maybe didnt hear him clearly. I was shocked and was just staring mad to this RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and SARCASTIC MANAGER named RENZ. I asked myself if that’s the way how he treats his mother or his grandmother or elderly people.

    The cashier named ROXANNE CALANGIAN was smiling and giggling and perhaps just waiting for me to get done with my orders so she can laugh out loud. What seems to be funny with that???

    I took 2 pictures of this RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and SARCASTIC MANAGER of JOLLIBEE named RENZ who works at Jollibee Chino Roces branch near former sta ana race track.

    You as a manager should set good examples and above and beyond service. But the opposite is what you just set and you won for one of your crew seems to be enjoying watching you and your behavior in such.


    Calling HR of Jollibee..please give this RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and SARCASTIC MANAGER NAMED RENZ a training that would make him a better person and not a failure to your company. Or might as well give him a punishment so he can learn from his VERY BAD BEHAVIOR.

    Please share so this person would be famous for being RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and SARCASTIC.

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