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    The suspect, pictured above, victimized an establishment in Calinan Thursday evening. The woman told the victim stories and then asked for money. The victim said she felt she was hypnotized that’s why she easily gave in to the suspect’s requests which turned out to have amassed over 50,000 pesos from the victims.

    The suspected “Salisi Gang” member already left the establishment when the victim realized that it was a fraud. The victim then tried to chase the suspect and nabbed her in Brgy. Los Amigos.

    The suspect was then brought back to Calinan Police Station wherein she is being temporarily detained. Calinan Police learned that the physical appearance of the suspect fits the description of the suspect figured in similar cases that have been previously reported to Calinan Police. So far, five previous victims of the same suspect have surfaced and positively identified the woman as the perpetrator.

    Other victims said that the suspect was riding a D-Max pick-up when she victimized them in the past which made the police think that the suspect is part of a larger and an organized crime group. What irks the victims the most is, the suspect seems to show no remorse. It was also learned that the suspect was previously caught for the same offense in Agusan del Sur.

    The name of the suspect is currently unknown because she wasn’t able to produce any document that could validate her identity.

    The suspect is scheduled to be arraigned today, at 1pm. If you, or you know someone who have been previously victimized by this woman, please coordinate with Calinan Police at 295-0119 to further strengthen the case against the suspect.

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