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    A [sample of a] VALEDICTORY ADDRESS
    by JVLabagnoy, Division of Nueva Ecija

    What is my purpose in life? What sorts of things are ahead of me? Shall I become what I ever dreamed of? Or, how will I figure out my future?

    Perhaps, these are some of the questions wandering profoundly inside our heads as graduates. Not all of us are certain about what lies next after this graduation. But I am glad that you are all here to witness this once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment conspired by fate at this very moment. And with that joy in my heart, allow me to greet you a pleasant day/evening.

    Let me begin my words with Robert Frost eminent line from the poem, The Road Not Taken. He said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

    Young as we are, we tend to go along the common day to day chores like grown-ups following a certain pattern of living: We wake up each morning sometimes with an alarm naturally produced by our mothers yelling at us, “Gumising ka na tanghali na”; We dig our breakfast, take a bath, wear uniform and head towards school. For the whole day, we usually set our minds to studying and learning new things. Not once we experienced the horror of going to school without assignments and teachers seem very much unforgiving. We rush our research projects to compensate with our volatile grades or at least give a little push for a satisfying report cards. In the afternoon we battle the sleepy moments of “Oras de peligro” as we yawn our lessons about Kopong-kopong, Lapu-lapu and Kudarat during HEKASI; the comparable Sugnay na makag-iisa at di makap-iisa during FILIPINO; and the do,re,mi during MSEP. Who would dare to forget the heart thumping, mind-blowing announcements of passers after each periodical test?

    All of these were the usual scenarios we experienced for the past six years. It was not an easy path of life. In fact, there are some that we could even classify as the worst or even as the hardest. Apparently, with these struggles, we were able to establish acquaintances and companions who took our daily, boring cadence into a halt of laughter and unforgettable friendships. Each step we took during our school days is what manufactured ourselves to become what we are today. Without such, we could never have had the chance to grow into who we are right now. I would certainly miss all of these. The tough trails we used to take and lessons we learned thereafter is the hard road Robert Frost was talking about. In between our trials are the challenges that took us to a pedestal we only used to dream of. When we were born, life fazed us with two distinct paths: The easy and the hard road. The easy road is the life at which we seldom experience hardships. It is a wide road of effortlessness; no hard work is needed to traverse the passage. But the other road is a hard one. There, we trod on to a narrow path. It is a horse-trail of danger and uncertainty, a dark and treacherous path with fearsome obstacles hampering our dreams in reaching reality.

    But after all I am glad to recall how my parents, teachers and friends guided me, even joined me in this wonderful journey. They wished for my success and prayed for my pleasant voyage during my most uncertain moments. Now, I am honored to receive this award being a VALEDICTORIAN. To them I offer my highest gratitude. No one could ever capture my utmost intentions to pay respect to you as I receive my honor tonight. I could never forget all the people who took part of my life, one way or another, here at [Name of the school]. I could never reach my dream, no, not without you. I know that all your works, love and concerns for me are what made me to follow an example enough to guide me to a bright future ahead. What I promise is that all your labors for me will never vanish into the thin air; That all your efforts will never be in vain.

    To all my fellow graduates, this is a very wonderful opportunity to give our parents reason to be proud of. Our graduation in the elementary is a proof that we worked very hard for an achievement. This is a concrete example of a process to become successful. But this graduation in not the end, in fact, this is just a beginning of a greater life and greater experiences to come. Our lessons here will become our guiding light for the realization of our ultimate dream. Those six years of elementary schooling are the basics that we cross over to transcend from a simple learning to a wonderful living.

    Again, like what Robert Frost once did, I took the road less traveled by. I walked into the hard, narrow and dangerous path that has made all the difference.

    Courtesy: Jerwyn Villanueva Labagnoy

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    @vinda Naiiyak ako habang binabasa ko ito.. maraming nag fflash back sa isipan ko..

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    I would like to share the Valedictory Speech of my pupil last school year 2013-2014 at Paco Elementary School, Obando, Bulacan.

    Our distinguished guests, visitors, to the school staff and our dear teachers, to my fellow graduates and most especially to our beloved parents … Good evening! It is indeed heartwarming to see everyone present at this momentous event, the day we all bid goodbye to our loving friends, teachers and school.

    Goodbyes are never easy but we all know that in every ending comes a new beginning. A new world is waiting for us, a more challenging and exciting world … High School. Honestly, it’s scary to leave a place that has been my home for the past few years but I also have to say I’M READY! I’m ready for whatever tomorrow would bring me. I AM CONFIDENT that I AM COMPETENT enough to face life’s challenges and I owe this courage to all the teachers who have shared their knowledge to me. Ma’am, Sir … thank you for teaching me everything I need to know to become a better person. To my loving school adviser Mrs. Ma. Evelyn Manaid, I would never forget how patient you were with us same goes to all the people who have served as my mentors all throughout the years. To our beloved Prinicipal Ms. Edna T. Gomez for supporting me and the whole school with our endeavors. Thank you II would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all my friends for giving me wonderful memories here at Paco Elementary School. To my bestfriends Hyrah, Diane and Jeriynna … you have been the best set of friends I ever had I Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin! You gave color and laughter to my Elementary life and I will surely treasure our memories forever! Just remember, our friendship doesn’t end here, we may all go separate ways but in our hearts … this friendship will lasts forever.

    But above all, I would like to dedicate this recognition to my inspiration … the reason why I strive to become a better version of me all the time … to my family. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my Tita Joy and Tita Lynnete who are currently working abroad just to provide us with our needs. God knows how much I appreciate all the help you have given us, my brother and I are lucky to have you. Kayo na halos ang tumayong mga Magulang ko, ang gumabay at sumuporta sa amin. Hindi sapat ang thank you kaya sana napasaya ko kayo sa munti kong paraan … ang mabigyan kayo ng karangalan. Ang mapaklta sa inyo na nag aaral ako ng mabutl at hindi ko sasayangin lahat ng sakripisyo niyo para sa amin. To my lolo and lola who never left us, salamat po sa pagpapalaki sakin, sa pagmamahal at pagpapasensya. Hindi madali pero kinaya at kinakaya nyo kaming palakihin ng mabuti…Thank you! Sa aking mga kamag anak na nagsilbing kaibigan at gabay, Kay lola dina na nagturo sakin kung paano maging matatag, sa aking iniidolong titan a si tita Erika na nagtuturo sakin para maghangad ng mas mataas sa buhay, “don’t settle for less, get the best” ang palagi nyang sinasabi. Sa aking mga pinsan na makukulit na nagpapangiti sa akin tuwing hindi maganda and aking pakiramdam. Kay lola Precy na tumulong sa akin sa mga oras ng problema. I feel complete because of the loving people who surround me. Thank you. Today my heart is filled with gratefulness and joy.

    Aside from my endless gratitude, I have one more important thing to say to my fellow graduates.

    “All is well” that’s a line from my favorite movie. I’m pretty sure we would all encounter disappointments the way. Things won’t go the way we expect it to be. People may cause us unbearable pain but don’t give up.

    Just like what I did. I never thought of giving up. I wasn’t born in a perfect situation … madaming problema at disappointments because I’m a part of a broken family. Away from my mother and most of the time aloof with my father, I could have ruined my life if I wanted but I didn’t … I used all the problems as an inspiration to have a better life. There are some things that are beyond our control, I can’t choose my family, my parents, my situation but I can choose who would I be in the future and I choose to become someone better. This is the only thing in life that I have full control with and I decide to start as early as now. Study and succeed. Mag aral kaysa magrebelde, Magsipag kaysa sumuko. Mangarap kaysa tumigil sa pag aaral. Tatagan ang loob. Life is not easy but being young doesn’t mean we have to be weak. We can also act as strong adults kung gugustuhin lang natin. Maybe it’s too early to ask for maturity from us since we are not even teenagers yet but I challenge you. My fellow graduates, I challenge you to become the best person you can be. Trust me, it won’t be easy as I have mentioned that we would all encounter tons of problems as we stroll to this road called life. However, be strong, you are the only one who can help yourself; Dream as early as now and dreams has no limits. I never thought I can stand in front of you now and give my words of wisdom yet I am here standing tall and proud cause I made it. And if I was able to do it, who says you can’t?

    Just remember, Study and succeed … AII is well!

    Always keep that in mind. Thank you Godbless us all!

    Mabuhay Graduates Batch 2014!

    Judith Anne A. Marquez

    Courtesy: Ma Evelyn Crisostomo Manaid

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    (Speech delivered by:
    Jeannie Rose I. Santos, 1st Honors, SY 2012-2013, Magdalena ES, Claveria East District, Division of Cagayan


    Earl John P. Santos, 1st Honors, SY 2012-2013, Namuac-San Andres ES, Sanchez Mira District, Division of Cagayan)

    Today features another milestone in the lives of graduating pupils like us. It is a day to celebrate and it is a day to mourn. A celebration because after 6 long years of acquiring our basic education, we are now ready to move forward one step higher in the ladder of our quest to greater level of educational heights. Today is a mournful day because we are leaving/ the portals of our dear Alma Mater which cradled us when we were still little young boys and girls wanting to be involved in the daily school activities.

    As I stand before you today, I am faced with the challenges of the fast changing time. Our theme “Building the Nation’s Future Leaders through K to 12 Basic Education Program” imposes a great task to fulfill ahead. Yes, it is true that the present generation will soon take the lead in the future. We will soon be a part of a society where competition will be more rigid than now. There will be more struggles in the job opportunities, the acquisition of the basic necessities of life, and most of all, the response to the changing needs of the global market. Thanks to the government! Through the K to 12 curriculum, we will be kept abreast of the needed skills and knowledge/to open wider opportunities for employment here and abroad. We will be prepared to combat the battles that may come our way. We will be transformed into more responsible, more competent and more skilled individuals ready to conquer the world in its narrowest sense.

    My fellow graduates, we can not deny that not everyone of us will continue the course of our studies and earn a college degree. But we can still be leaders in our simplest ways. Applying the self-discipline and basic competencies offered by the K to 12 program will lead us to a brighter future/ and be a part of developing a society where everybody enjoys the gift of living.

    But before we finally leave the center stage of Magdalena Elementary School/Namuac San Andres Elementary School, we would like to thank the personas who have turned us to what we are now.

    To our beloved parents, saan nga mabusbos nga panagyaman ti ipaaymi kadakayo nanang ken tatang. Gapu iti adu nga sakripisyo ken ayatyo siraragsak dagiti puspusomi nga mangawat ti diploma nga mangipaneknek nga addan kamin kadagiti umuna nga bala a pangsaranget kadagiti ad-adu pay a karit iti panagadalmi. Dawatenmi ngarud nga itultuloy dakami nga suportaran tapno maragpatmi dagiti ar-arapaapmi para kadakayo iti daytoy a biag..

    To our teachers, we are forever grateful for the sacrifices and selfless services you have given us. itan nga maamirismi nga dagiti panangung-unget yo kadakami ket para met laeng iti pagsayaatanmi. The knowledge and skills you have taught us will be our armor and shield in facing the world with head up high. Thank you very much for the opportunities you have given us to develop our full potentials and abilities.

    To our friends and schoolmates, we are about to part ways to find the right track that lies ahead. We will forever cherish the memories both laughter and pain we shared together. But I know deep within my heart we may be miles away, we will always be there in one accord chasing the impossible dreams that are planned for us.

    To our dear Magdalena Elementary School/Namuac-San Andres Elementary School, thank you very much for caring us for six long years. Now that we are leaving you, we can not help/ but to carry with us the victories we have with you. the Class of 2013 will leave you a legacy which will forever be etched in your history as an institution of basic education. The 15 graduates are proud to say that we have created a history and set a record having produced the school’s first qualifiers to the Division and Regional Schools Press Conference. Thanks to our coaches Sir Bernaldo, Mam Resty, Mam Renalyn and Mam Jeannie

    To all of you who in one way or the other helped us become what we are now, our heartfelt gratitude.

    Above all, the Almighty Father for the gift of life, the wisdom and the expertise you have bestowed upon us. We pray earnestly that you continue to guide us as we follow the direction towards the attainment of our dreams.

    To this end, I urged my fellow graduates to be one with me in giving back the honor and glory due to everyone who had molded us to what we have become. We can be leaders in our own little way. Kaya ba natin ito? (yes we can!) kayang-kaya basta sama-sama.

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