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Share if you want Miriam Defensor Santiago to be the next President

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    miriam santiago

    I think we should start thinking how our country would succeed if we elect the right people in the government…. Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has proven her right on that seat countless times..i think it’s time to show the whole country that she deserves to be the woman in charge. I believe she can lead all of us in making the Philippines a better nation and to remove all the corrupt and stop this political dynasty sh!7 that has run our country for decades…Think about this, the country has been ran by the same old last names that didn’t do anything for the betterment of our country, but for the sake that these people will have all their lives taken cared of by the suffering of others…i think it’s time to consider how our country would benefit if we elect such individual such as this wonderful and witty woman. I hope that as early as now we think about how this country can be ran by a smart person for a change and that of a person who has gained experience and knows what the country needs.


    I hope she wins, I don’t see anyone who has even half the credentials she has. But right now I am planning how to escape the noisy political campaigns. I’m sure it’ll be in 2015. I don’t want to hear any crappy campaign songs.

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