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Sir Lito Palomar message to AlDub Bashers

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    I’m a fan of aldub and contrary to how they “generalize” “most” of us if not “all” of us as stupid or dumb, I’d say keep those labels coming but never would we brag our credentials to justify our stand.

    We are not bashers, we are critics. We do not “bash”, we “examine”. We incorporate ample amout of intellect in our reactions and these are nothing but pure statements of facts.

    The idea about the network wanting to defeat the other giant and bragging multi-million peso earnings from concerts and movies (of the latter) are rather arguments of bitterness, timed between 12nn – 3pm. A fallacy, an illogical argument to the defense of the whole network when all we root for is just one noontime show and one loveteam (not the entire network).

    That premise, I’d say is more stupid.

    We choose what we watch, don’t expect us to do block watching of your shows because telling us what to and what not to watch is very “unkapamilya”.

    We watch it because we learn from it. It is rich in values to live by and it has wholesome entertainment value far different from your concept of fun such that audience or guests have to be humiliated about how they look, speak or dress up, in national tv.

    We watch it because it reminds us all of a lost virtue of chastity, faith, perseverance, respect for the elderly, and chivalry.

    We watch it because it teaches us to hope and believe in love that has no “buts”, no limits and no conditions. It strenghtens the relationships of our OFW that defy distance.

    We watch it because we are fed up with your stereotypes. Their love story might just be a little fancy to you, but not to us. For we still believe that the universe has allotted each one of us our own “alden” and “maine” at our own pace, at our own “tamang panahon”.

    We do not know how long the segment would last and we don’t care. For as long as it brings smile to our faces, hopes in our hearts, bond in our homes, and “life” to our lives, we will forever be a fan.

    If so they say that we have no class, I’d say we would rather be a viewer without “class”, than a Filipino without “values”.

    Positive lang.

    Respeto nalang sa aming choice.

    God bless

    Tinanong lang ako ng facebook ng “what’s on your mind?”, hayan sumagot lang ako.


    From: Sir Lito Antolines Palomar

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