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Sto. Niño Parochial School Official Statement

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    Sto. Niño Parochial School Quezon City Official Statement

    Sto Nino Parochial School (Quezon City): I knew schools could be disappointing with their accountability standards, but your statement is way below the mark.

    You are the student’s school and teachers. Your responsibility is to educate your students. There is even no hint of hesitation on your part to speak ill of your own student in public. If she indeed has a problem with her pag-uugali, as you claim, doesn’t that reflect too of the kind of education you gave her? Or if you think she is a failure sa paguugali and it’s the fault of other factors (parents, peers, etc.), shouldn’t you at least feel bad and meek about it as her educators?

    You say the student has a choice what school to go to and that her family has chosen your school over the years despite of their complaints. What is your point? Are you a product in the market? Are your students customers? Is this a case of free enterprise logic that if the customer doesn’t like the product, it is the customers fault if they do not choose another product? The product has no accountability whatsoever? No obligation to improve?

    Is this really how you look at education? A commercial product? Your students as mere customers? Even the free market and real commercial products would have a better sense of accountability than what you are exhibiting now.
    More seriously, you are avoiding the issue. The issue is that you are being made to account for your decision. It is that simple. Explain. Account. Why was the valedictorian the valedictorian? What were your standards? There is nothing in your statement that even give a hint of an explanation.

    You can’t do that? You shouldn’t be made to explain your decision? Why? Because it is your prerogative? No one should question your decision and it should be assumed to be always right? Oh please, this is not an issue of privacy so stop using that to avoid accountability. It is a pathetic excuse that I thought only politicians have mastered.

    Instead of taking the moral high ground as an educator, you pulled yourself down and gave a clear reason for people to question what kind of values you impart on your students and what exactly is your notion of education. While education is supposedly there for children to learn how to speak truth to power, you are demonstrating that sometimes educators practice the opposite: they are the power that determines the truth.

    And this is exactly why our country is in this big mess – all thanks to the quality of education in some of our educational institutions and the values imparted in practice by so-called educators.

    Courtesy: J. Aceron

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