Sto. Niño Parochial School Scandal

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    Freedom of speech comes with due responsibility. And in the exercise of this freedom, I hope she understood the consequences of her action and was willing to accept them. I hope this salutatorian asked responsible and mature people for advice before she delivered her speech. The school honored her academic accomplishment by bestowing her the salutatorian award. She was given total freedom to compose her speech totally without review with the school officials trusting that she would be responsible in doing so. What she did was a total betrayal of the trust given to her. Regardless of the school and the educational system’s shortcomings, she is still without a doubt a partaker of the system’s benefit. What she did was tantamount to biting the very hand that cared for her. If she did not fully subscribe to the system, it would have been better to communicate this by refusing the award early on and be outside the school and condemn the system to her heart’s content. But what she did was no better than a scheming person who took advantage of her mentors’ trust and stabbed them in public with her condemning speech. She is a child and did not understood the far reaching consequence of her action which includes her scholarship opportunities which she could have been jeopardized. If you celebrated your birthday and invited a friend to propose a toast in your honor. And that friend instead of what was expected lashed out condemning words against you in your party, would you not stop that friend from continuing his speech and his act of dishonoring you at your own party? The graduation rites is the school’s party and the salutatorian was the friend honored and asked to give an address to grace the school’s event. Would you blame them for stopping the onslaught of insults by politely doing so? The educational system is without a doubt imperfect and requires improvement. But this action is by no means justifiable. Shalom. – Abe Domingo

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