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The Meaning of Christmas

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    One cannot overlook the moving significance of the Yuletide season. It is in the air, as everyone can feel it, it is everywhere as everybody can see it.

    But what really is the true meaning of Christmas? Does it mean the usual colorful array of Christmas trees? Or the hanging of lanterns on every windows, the singing children, the beautifully-wrapped gifts, or the food-laden Christmas tables?

    Christmas means the mass of Christ. It means the spirit borne and nurtured in the heart that loves and keeps. It is the moving spirit that lives only after hate has dies; and what has proven to be disastrous to the soul and the mind ceases to be.

    The true spirit of Christmas cannot be of a lessened degree. It is always present, profound in its sanctity, intense in its divinity.

    Peace comes in, if we have this spirit preserved and nurtured in our hearts each day, then one has Christmas; then we can feel its spirit creeping into our being – gripping our very souls. This mysterious feeling resides in the quietness of the soul. It is not found in lighted Christmas trees, nor in beautiful gifts.

    Christmas finally is the manger, where a Babe was born on that cold, December night more than one thousand years ago. This is real Christmas because the Child was born for love of all mankind, and on that cold night LOVE was born.

    Christmas is the feast of love and peace, to know is to have peace and one lives in peace only when one has love. That is the whole meaning of Christmas – the spirit of the sweet and tender mystery of love and forgives, a magnificent testimonial of God’s love to mankind.

    Merry Christmas Teachers!

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