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    In case you didn’t notice, Pope Francis took a TOTALLY UNNECESSARY SECURITY RISK on his way to the Apostolic Nunciature from Villamor Airbase shortly after his arrival.

    pope francis in the philippines
    (Photo by Benhur Arcayan/ Malacañang Photo Bureau)

    Maraming lugar sa mga dinaanan ng motorcade ni Pope ang MASYADONG MADILIM, na kung sakaling may nagtapon ng kahit na anong bagay sa Santo Papa, HINDI AGAD MAPAPANSIN KUNG ANO O KUNG SINO ang nagtapon sa kapal ng taong nagabang.

    We all saw on television that the street lights were NOT ENOUGH. National and local government officials should have thought about this rather basic but very possible danger to the Pope.

    Kaya siguro hindi na rin bumaba sa kaniyang mobile si Pope Francis upang makipagkamay sa mga nagaabang sa kaniya, kahit na balitang-balita na lagi niyang ginagawa ito.

    Dahil sa dilim, hindi basta basta mapapansin agad ng kaniyang mga bodyguards kung may lalapit sa kaniya na may masamang balak.

    That’s why to security and local government officials, please see to it that both the venue and the path leading to the Pope’s destination are well lighted enough, especially at night, in his forthcoming activities.

    Not only for the Pope’s security but for his better appreciation of our overwhelming love and affection for him.



    Sadly, with the good Pope visiting our predominantly Catholic nation, I just could not comprehend how we as Filipinos can be the most uncaring people. We see and experience poverty on a regular and daily basis and yet, for as long as it does not affect us directly, most do not care. We still continue to support corruption as a way of life and make it look like its okay. We pray regularly but do not seem to see that hunger is all around us. While some of us are okay, most Filipinos are below the acceptable poverty level. Religious persecution exists and there is always vying for dominance. For as long as we as a people allow these, how can we even be deserving of a Papal visit if our Catholicism is only for show? Perhaps we need to look inside each of us and question our own spirituality and perhaps improve, even just a little so that in the eyes of God, we can be worth His blessings! After all, being a Christian indeed involves being Christian! God bless the Philippines!!


    You may have experienced temporary loss of mobile signal and internet connection during Pope Francis’ arrival, especially in the areas surrounding his motorcade route. This was done in compliance with the directive of the National Telecommunications Commission. We hope for your understanding. Thank you. From Globe…My explanation: “The reason behind it is to avoid an Improvised Explosive Device or simply IED to explode using a cellular phone as the triggering mechanism which the terrorists are doing in Mindanao… Great idea. Amen…” – Frank Villaroman

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