This is my personal take on AlDub and Pastillas Girl

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    AlDub tickles the hearts of viewers because it reflects what’s ideal in the eyes of a conservative society. It reminds us of our Filipino roots and values, of sweetness of finding your first love, of enduring the odds and of patiently waiting for the right time. On the other hand, Pastillas tells us a different story which a lot of us can also relate to. A story of failed relationships, of unhappy endings, and of new beginnings. It makes us realize that nobody’s perfect and that life is not a fairytale at all. It reminds us that even if you don’t fit in to what’s morally- acceptable to self-righteous people, that even if the world condemns you, you still deserve to be happy just like anybody else. Yes, a lot of us may have loved and lost many times but life gives us countless chances to get up and start all over again. Finding happiness is a long journey. But you should not get weary ‘coz life’s lessons will give u a heart still full of love, a mind full of wisdom and soul full of hope. Some wait for love. Others search for it. But whatever road you take, one thing remains the same: you fight for it.

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