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Unnecessary Loss of Lives in that Mamasapano Encounter

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    General Atomics MQ-1 Predator General Atomics MQ-1 Predator (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

    With the recent SAF operation in Mamasapano that led to the killing of Al Qaeda bomber, the Malaysian bomber Zulkifli bin Hir, alias “Marwan”, but which led to death of 44 SAF operators, the problems in the firepower and weak battle management capacity had been exposed.

    Since, there are other HVTs and leaders of terrorist groups, the AFP and PNP will be compelled launch more covert ops in the future to capture or neutralize these targets.

    These must be adopted:

    1) The AFP must now have its own UAV like the Predator to provide the Command Center the needed eyes to monitor the progress of the operation and be able to react on time. The drone is a better choice for covert ops since it is more silent that the helicopters and planes.

    2) SAF troopers must have their own designated radioman who can provide the coordinates that the artillery battalion and the Air Force pilots needed. A GPS receiver is also necessary.

    3) The AFP must enhance the capability of our attack helicopters/armed scout helicopters by installing guided rockets in order to provide fire suppression to save the outnumbered commandos. FLIR and other night flight equipment must be installed.

    4) There must always a Command Center, which is fully equipped to handle the task, that is manned by able representatives from all the concerned units whenever a complicated operation such as Operation Wolverine is involved. This ensures effective coordination among units and the timely application of fire support and related concerns in the battlefield.



    1. He should have praised the SAF for the accomplishment. Lambasting the troopers simply expanded effect of the loss of lives and made the enemies laughing instead. The President must side with the govt. men and not simply be in the other side of the fence. Treason is a grave crime against the republic. Is it not?
    2. He should have silently castigated the planners for the miscalculating the enemy and compelled them to fix this miscalculation to prevent the repeat of such loss in the next operation.
    3. He should have lambasted the BIFF for coddling the bombers.
    4. He should have criticized the MILF for allowing the bombers to seek refuge in their camp or area and reminded them that the MILF must show greater proof of their sincerity to the peace deal by correcting these treacherous acts and ploys.
    5. He should have launched a massive offensive against the BIFF who have grown aggressive and have been wrecking havoc across the land.

    Question is, “does he have the balls and integrity to do this?”

    Again, TREASON is a grave crime against the republic.


    P-Noy, we must accept, was born with a “silver/golden” spoon in his mouth, and therefore does not know how difficult life is for people who live by “isang kahig isang tuka.” He does not care what is valuable to poor and penniless people. All he knows is a life that is always secured, stable and strong that no matter who among the members of his family is lost or are lost, he can still smile broadly and feel nothing serious happened, unlike the poor souls who are very distracted and threatened of their existence once the sole bread-winner in the family dies, like the 44 SAF Officers whose families are now in great trouble not only for one day, or for one week but through out their lives. Therefore he will not care issuing the hardest words against the MILF – BIFF perpetrators but would simply ask for their “RESPECT” in a very soft and pleading voice. Damn this statement of P-Noy. You cannot get any respect by pleading and hoping from the MILF-BIFF (especially Muslim extremists). You have to bring a hammer and hammer their heads and arms to be able to get complete respect. Ang sinasanto nila sa Mindanao ay hindi malambot at malambing na salita kundi bala at bomba. Dapat maintindihan ito ni P-Noy. Otherwise, we do not get anything from Peace Talks but we will even lose the whole of Mindanao and Palawan for being so soft and feminine. Kailangan magiging tunay ka na lalaki bago mo maanta (tame) ang mga rebelde sa Mindanao. Kailangan meron ka malaking Bayag!!!

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