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How Can Students Share Files With Their Peers?

The coronavirus has made tremendous changes in the daily life of many people. This was especially felt by schoolchildren and students who had not appeared in their classrooms for many months. In a distance learning environment, the ability to freely exchange files between students is critical. After all, this allows students to work together on projects, do homework and just socialize.

So let’s take a look at the main ways that students can use to share files with their peers.

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#1 Messengers

Many social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others support the file-sharing function. On many gadgets, these applications are already installed, which makes the exchange process easy and fast, but remember that in this case, the file size will be limited. For example, Facebook limits the size of sent word files to 25 MB. 

#2 File Sharing Services

In this software, it will already be necessary to understand a little, because not all of us have used it before. These programs include Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync. Each of them has more impressive functionality, and also makes it possible to store several gigabytes of information absolutely free. So, having figured out how the system works, students can instantly exchange large files. In addition, such software has the function of exchanging entire folders of files at once, for this, your friend just needs to have a link. 

#3 Systems for Working with Shared Access 

Microsoft OneDrive is a prime example of such a service. In addition to the fact that the company provides each user with 7 GB of free memory, they can also collaborate on their projects. After all, the service has built-in editors, calendars, and video communication programs. Google competes with Microsoft, because thanks to google docs, students can simultaneously work on a presentation or an excel spreadsheet. Programs like these do a good job of simulating real work in the office and significantly increase productivity, and it’s also just fun. 

#4 Other Study Resources

There’s a variety of online study resources that offer courses on various topics and allow learners to share their study material with their peers. Studocu and Udemy are some of them. 

  • On Studocu you can upload, organize and share your lecture notes, presentations, and any other files. 
  • Udemy also simplifies the learning processes by allowing students to structure all the information in their personal account and share it with their classmates.

While choosing a third-party study resource to work with, make sure it has a file sharing option, as this way you can easily collaborate with other learners and further enhance your knowledge.


Even if the epidemic caught you by surprise and you are not ready to work online, do not despair. The process of learning how to work on many services will take you no more than ten minutes. But in return, you get the opportunity to chat with your friends and work together on assignments. So be sure to try to discover a couple of new services that will soon become an indispensable part of your life.

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