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5 Ways to Show Leadership on College Applications

Leadership skills are essential for success in any sphere, and education is no exception. Have you ever wondered what leadership is? Let’s dig deeper and make this complex term clearer. 

Leadership is the ability to motivate and direct people to be eager to work towards achieving common goals. Being a leader is extremely important in college years as it allows young people to master the art of building relationships within teams and to make accomplishments more efficiently. What’s more, it’s an excellent opportunity to develop communication and interpersonal skills. It’s important to note that being a leader is possible only after identifying personal values and sticking to them.

Check Essay Examples to Learn More About Leadership Skills 

Leadership is quite a broad topic that can be researched from different perspectives. There are different styles of leadership that have numerous nuances. According to the experts, leadership can be autocratic, laissez-faire, transactional, transformational, situational—servant, bureaucratic, democratic, and charismatic. Depending on personal traits, everyone is prone to a certain style. To learn more about them, you can browse through essay samples on leadership available on the Internet. Knowing particular features of different leadership forms can help you identify which one suits you best and find out how to master it. Remember that college years give you a perfect opportunity to see how you can lead. 

How to Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills While Applying to College 

Lead a Project

Creating your project is one of the best ways to boost leadership skills. It provides you an opportunity to develop a vision and work with a team to achieve it. This is a great chance to learn how to keep people around you focused on the target and enthusiastic about doing their work. Leading your project means that you know how to build a team and effectively communicate with its members. It also makes you an active listener and helps to develop the ability to understand different perspectives. All these leadership traits will help you look good in the eyes of admissions officers. 

Become a Mentor

One of the most important leadership qualities is a broad perspective. Having an overall perspective means that you can see usual things with new eyes. You can learn this skill by mentoring people who are different from you, such as those who study in another program or have an extraordinary background. Diverse mentoring opportunities allow you to consider multiple views, which enriches your thinking. In its turn, this can help you improve problem-solving skills and the ability to find answers to difficult questions quickly. Additionally, mentoring means that you need to inspire and encourage people. By doing this, you can demonstrate that you are able to provide moral support if needed. 

Organize a Fundraising Campaign

If you find it important to care about others and improve the environment you live in; then fundraising is a perfect fit for you. Apart from creativity and the sense of community, fundraising may also develop your leadership skills. Since there is an ambitious goal to achieve, it requires decent planning and productive teamwork. What’s more, organizing a fundraising event allows you to practice public speaking skills. To get what you want from others, you need to sound confident and persuasive. Such campaigns can prove that you are a great leader

Become a Sports Team Captain

Being a team captain requires 100% commitment, which is another necessary condition for leadership. Being committed and passionate about winning in sports games helps you gain leader qualities. What’s more, the captain role makes you develop another leadership characteristic, which is positive thinking. This means that you always feel hopeful of something positive to happen. Another valuable trait that can be developed in this case is confidence. Being self-confident is a must for captains to be followed by teammates. As you see, carrying сaptain responsibilities is a reliable way to demonstrate your leadership skills to the admissions committee.

Do Volunteering Work

As was said above, leadership requires a wide set of soft skills, such as planning, organization, time-management, and many more. According to some research, volunteering is an effective way to develop them. Since volunteers need to plan meetings, organize events, coordinate people, set goals, and define appropriate actions to achieve them, they get a chance to master the art of leadership. It doesn’t really matter what type of volunteering work you do; the most important is that you are involved in this activity type. If you add some volunteering experience to your college application, you are more likely to be viewed as a successful leader. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you realize that there are many different ways to prove to the admissions officers that you have valuable leadership qualities. So, please choose the one you like most and impress the admissions board with it!

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