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  1. merissa pabillan says

    gandang mga tanong

  2. nanette r. lastrella says

    how to check?

  3. Randy says

    Ganda ng tanong. Karamihan diko alam. I only got 19 out of 30. Still far from enough hayss.

  4. jossie says

    Nalilito ako sa mga tanong,,

  5. Kyle says

    Marcela Agoncillo made the Philippine Flag and Emilio Aguinaldo designed it.

  6. jeffrey says

    C aguinaldo talaga nag design ng ating national flag c marcela agoncillio at nativad na kpatd nya sila yun nag tahi .

  7. sonny says

    Clarification please:
    Q: Who created the designs for the Philippine national flag?
    A: Marcela Agoncillo

    1. vincent says

      Yeah right. I’m shocked when I saw the correct answer was Emilio Aguinaldo.

    2. ronnel talavera says

      design po…tama si aguinaldo un kht isearch mo pa…si agoncillo po ang nagtahi…pero si aguinaldo talaga ang nagdesign

  8. beatriz ramos says

    nice questions

  9. Jetty Cures Panguito says


    1. winterluke says

      Grabing hirap hehe