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Ways to How to Properly Edit Your Essay Within Hours

If you are writing a paper, you should not only create a structure and deliver your main message to the reader but also to make sure that this piece of writing is easy to read and understand. In order to do that, you should edit your paper. 

But how do you proofread your essay right and fast? On this page, you can find the best tips on how to edit your paper in a very short period of time. Find more about creating an amazing essay in this article.

Tips How to Properly Proofread Your Paper

Editing your essay after you finished writing it is a very important thing to do. You never know if you made any mistakes, typos, errors, used a wrong word or wrote a very long sentence. In this situation, editing your paper is something you should never skip. Here are some of the recommendations on how to proofread your essay: 

  1. Check the structure. First of all, you should re-read the paper and see if the structure you created is really fitting the topic and format of your paper. You should check if the structure of your writing is making sense and if the points you made come in the logical order. If you spot a mistake, you will have enough time to change the outline and create a better structure. 
  2. Eliminate too long sentences. Long sentences might look good to you, but in reality, they are just too complex to read. Readers will not be satisfied if they will have to read a very long sentence that will take up 3 lines or more. Same for long paragraphs: you should break your text into smaller paragraphs. 
  3. Watch for repetitions. While you are writing a paper, you might repeat a lot of words and ideas. This is a common mistake even for those who are professional writers. It will be enough for you just to go through the text and substitute repetitions with synonyms or just to remove the tautology from your text. 
  4. Don’t use too complicated language. Even if you are writing an essay about complex concepts, still it is best to use a simpler language. It will be hard for most readers to read the paper full of terms that they don’t understand. Try to use words that everyone knows and avoid terms that are not common.
  5. Check spelling by yourself. You should watch closely to see if every word you have used is spelled correctly. If you use the program that does the spellcheck, still read the paper on your own as well since not always such apps can show you all the mistakes you made. There are many forms of words that you might misplace, and the app won’t be apple to detect this mistake. 
  6. Use writing and proofreading services. Many students think: “Should I pay to do my essay for me?”. If you don’t have enough time and need to get done with a lot of papers, such companies can actually help you out. You can also request proofreading your paper
  7. Crop your paper. Don’t be afraid to remove parts of your writing that are not good, as you thought at first. On the stage of proofreading, a writer should be able to see which sentences and words don’t make sense and when it is best to remove them. This is how outstanding paper is created, so don’t hesitate and eliminate unnecessary words and sentences. 
  8. Check the punctuation. Putting a comma in the wrong place may not be a very bad thing to do, but still, it is best to make sure you followed all the rules of punctuation. Remove unnecessary commas, exclamation marks, and other elements that are misplaced. 
  9. Don’t always rely on the apps to check everything for you. Apps like Grammarly and Hemingway are very useful, and they will definitely make your writing better, but you can’t be sure that they will spot every single mistake. It is best to do the proofreading by yourself as well. Of course, you should use these programs too, but don’t put all the work on them. 
  10. Ask someone to read your writing and share their thoughts about it. Feedback from others will help you to make your writing better and more readable. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback: even critics will be alright since it will not show you how to make the paper better. 

Never forget about editing your paper, especially if you are working on an academic assignment. And if you decide to order your paper or use the editing services, make sure you choose the company that respects its customers and provides them with high-quality papers and assignments.


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