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About TeacherPH

TeacherPH®, logo, and tagline are registered trademarks of Mark Anthony Llego | Philippine Trademark Database Registration Number 507703

TEACHERPH is a professional learning online community of teachers and for teachers. We are a team of teachers of different specializations and positions from various parts of the Philippines. Our aim to empower teachers in the Philippines is well-defined by one word: SHARE.

So, what are there to share?

Personal Teaching Experience and Stories

Mark Anthony Llego TeacherPH

Through our Facebook Group and Blog, we want teachers and those who aspire to be one to share one another’s experiences and stories to further inspire the coming generation of nation’s builders.

Teaching Resources, Latest Educational News, and Articles about Teaching

To further enhance the craft of the teachers, we provide teaching materials and educational resources that help teachers and students share more applied and available information with their colleagues. We also give updates on the what’s and why’s of the field of education.

Opinions and Views about the Educational System in the Philippines

For teachers’ voices to be heard, we give the teachers around the country a chance to express and exchange their opinions in a fair manner using online forums and discussions.

As a professional learning community, we aspire to give information and create teachers’ discussion online that requires continuous improvement, promotes collective responsibility, and supports the alignment of individual, team, school, and school system goals.

We want teachers to interact regularly and frequently to engage in collaborative professional learning to strengthen their practice and increase student results because we believe that TeacherPH’s learning community members are accountable to one another to achieve the shared goals of the school and school system and work in transparent, authentic settings that support their improvement.

The participation of every teacher in all educational discussions here on TeacherPH advances the goals of the whole country’s educational system. Communities of caring, analytic, reflective, and inquiring educators collaborate to learn what is necessary to increase student learning. In TeacherPH’s learning community, members exchange feedback about their practice with one another, visit each other’s classrooms or work settings, and share resources. Learning community members strive to refine their collaboration, communication, and relationship skills to work within and across both internal and external systems to support student learning. They develop norms of cooperation and relational trust and employ processes and structures that unleash expertise and strengthen the capacity to analyze, plan, implement, support, and evaluate their practice.


We envision being the leading internet platform of competent teachers in the Philippines whose passion is to share their talents, abilities, knowledge, experience, and skills to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Philippine educational system.


We aspire to:

  • Provide interactive content by publishing articles relevant to current issues in Teaching.
  • Promote collaboration among teachers that proved to have credentials to share their expertise and increase teaching skills level.
  • Inspire teachers by providing personal stories from our very own contributors.


Philippine Trademark Database Registration Number 507703

TeacherPH®, logo, and tagline are registered trademarks of Mark Anthony Llego.


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9 thoughts on “About TeacherPH”

  1. Hi i want to know if who can help the situation of sister who graduated from college here in Batangas. Ayaw po sila bigyan ng diploma after the pandemic hindi na sila inasikaso ng school and ayaw din sila bigyan ng SO para makapag pasa upang makaapply para sa LET exam. Ang gusto ng school nila sa 2025 n sila magexam kahit 2019/2020 sila nkagraduate.


  3. Do you have online training designed for SPED Teachers specifically those teaching children with ASD, Hearing Impaired, and Intellectual Disability or Mentally challenged?

  4. Hello, Admins. A journalist who writes on the current state of the country’s public basic education, may I request permission to submit articles for possible publication in your site. Two of my latest education-related articles both of which were published in the Manila Time — “High school nonreaders a failure of divisions, elementary schools” and “DepEd urged to stop sending non-readers to high school” — delve into the reading crisis gripping our public schools. Thank you so much.


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