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Mark and Rmae TeacherPH Founder
Mark and Roselyn – Antipolo National High School, 2007

Two high school students, Mark and Roselyn, watched a documentary about the terrible conditions of the students and teachers in the remote areas of the Philippines. They exchanged their views on the importance of the educational system of the Philippines. They were so passionate about the field that they promised to join someday and even create a publication about the critical issues in the country.

Mark and Roselyn kept in touch after graduation by communicating online and exchanging views on different issues. In 2010, Mark created Astigtayo.com, an online forum for Filipinos in and out of the country. The website tackled various issues concerning the situation in the Philippines and gathered almost half a million followers. Roselyn also published articles on Astigtayo.com, voicing the trends and concerns in the teaching field.

Many members of the forum supported the stimulating articles by Mark and Roselyn, so Mark decided to turn down the website and start a new one.

Mark and Roselyn TeacherPH
Basey, Samar – October 17, 2014

TeacherPH was born on October 17, 2014. From then, it started getting attention from teachers nationwide. TeacherPH provided information for teachers published on the Department of Education’s website. It also began to connect the teachers nationwide via the TeacherPH Facebook Group. The news and feature articles published on the site are based on teachers’ different opinions and concerns nationwide.

Mark and Roselyn – Tacloban City, March 2017

Margarita J. Lucero Galias and Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez saw the website’s potential as an online professional learning community. They joined the team as administrators of the TeacherPH Facebook Group. They voice concerns and help teachers and aspiring ones grow in their fields.

Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez
Mark and Francis Kenneth

TeacherPH is now the fastest online professional learning community for teachers and teachers. Hundreds of people join the TeacherPH Facebook Group daily, and thousands of teachers meet dynamic people like them daily. Recently, United States-based websites featured TeacherPH’s excellent articles about the teacher protection policy act.

Recently, TeacherPH was featured by United States-based websites for its excellent articles about the teacher protection policy act.

We inspire and help people in our field! So join us now! Let’s educate and inspire together!

Mark Llego Mount Makiling
Mark Anthony Llego at Mount Makiling, August 6, 2017


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