TeacherPH Trademark Guidelines

TeacherPH Trademark IPOPHIL
TeacherPH Trademark Registration No. 4/2020/00507703

These TeacherPH Trademarks Usage Guidelines (these “Guidelines“) outline how we permit the use of TeacherPH’s trademarks, brandnames, tradenames, service marks, service names, domain names and logos (collectively, “TeacherPH Trademarks”).

We have developed these Guidelines with the following goals in mind: We wish to make it easy for anyone to use the TeacherPH Trademarks for Community-Oriented Efforts in a manner that helps to spread and improve TeacherPH.

For the sake of these guidelines, “Community-Oriented Effort” means a non-profit project.

Please contact us as specified below if you wish to use the TeacherPH name in a for-profit project.

You acknowledge and agree that we are the sole and exclusive owners of the TeacherPH Trademarks. We retain all intellectual property rights in and to the TeacherPH Trademarks and goodwill associated with TeacherPH Trademarks. Any goodwill generated by your use of any TeacherPH Trademarks will be inure to our exclusive benefit.

You shall at no time contest, challenge, encourage or aid third parties in contesting the validity or ownership of any TeacherPH Trademarks or take any action in derogation of our rights therein, including, without limitation, applying to register any trademark, tradename, or other designation that is confusingly similar in any way to the TeacherPH Trademarks.

Our License

If you have a community project, it’s ok to use TeacherPH’s name as long as there is no suggestion that the project is affiliated with TeacherPH.


Don’t make people think you’re affiliated with TeacherPH.


We have invested in branding. Please don’t change it.

Don’t Advertise

Don’t use TeacherPH trademarks in keyword ads.

Your Own Risk

The usage is at your own risk.


We may change this.


We can penalize people who abuse these guidelines.


A few examples to help you understand how to apply these Guidelines:


You want to open a Meetup group for Educators in your area, and you call it “TeacherPH Educators Meetup Group.”


You organize a meetup and call it “TeacherPH 2021 Meetup.”
You set up a website called “TeacherPH-resources.com.”
You set up a website called “TeacherPH.io.”
You set up a Facebook Group called “TeacherPH.”
You set up a Facebook Fan Page called “TeacherPH.”

If you’re using the TeacherPH brand, trademark or logo for any commercial endeavor, please ask our permission first.

This may be relevant if you want to use TeacherPH Trademarks as a part of your conference, website, group or other logo or if you’re planning on selling any physical product, T-shirts, cups, sweaters or just print stickers.


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