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Analyzing the Leadership Styles of School Administrators


The study tried to find out the leadership styles of administrators and the effect of these on the organizational climate of schools and on teachers’ participating in decision making.


This study is a descriptive and correlational research. A total of 66 randomly selected head teachers and principals and 652 teachers in nine districts of the Division of Ilocos Norte and three districts of Laoag City are the respondents of the study. The statistical tools used were the Weighted mean of responses, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, and Simple Regression Analysis.


  1. The perceptions of administrators and teachers on the prevalent leadership style of the former is a positive moderate combination of consideration or concern for people and initiating structure or concern for the job.
  2. Results of the test for relationship between leadership style and organizational climate reveal that leadership style is related to organizational climate.
  3. Regarding the effect of leadership style (consideration and initiating structure) on teachers’ participation in decision-making on instructional and administrative management, results show that leadership style varies significantly as it affects teachers’ participation in decision-making.


  1. The organizational climate of schools should be enhanced by allowing administrators to have strong and efficient leadership styles. A self-rating checklist on leadership style could be accomplished by them at the end of the school year to evaluate their behavior.
  2. Teachers should be given opportunities to exercise leadership as training for further administrative assignments. They should be given ample opportunities for dialogues, conferences, peer teaching and even transcendental meditation on leadership styles, organizational climate and effective teachers’ participation in decision-making.
  3. Being aware of the controlled organizational climate of the Divisions of Ilocos Norte and Laoag City, there is a need for administrators to enhance an open organizational climate by helping them and their teachers to work well with others, enjoy friendly relations which each other, work things out, keep their organization moving, obtain considerable job satisfaction and share compassion to satisfy social needs.
  4. Case studies on organizational climate and decision-making process should be conducted for better appreciation of students on the masteral/doctoral degree programs so that when they will assume leadership roles they will know how to deal with them.
  5. A study of the actual and ideal leadership styles of administrators and organizational climate using other theories and instruments as they are perceived by administrators and teachers should be conducted.
  6. Similar and further research should be undertaken to determine other variables that affect teachers’ participation in decision-making.


Leadership Styles of School Administrators
Division of Ilocos Norte and Division of Laoag City

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