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Apps for Comfortable Online Learning 2022

Online education continues to gain popularity since its appearance after the global pandemic occurred. With the assistance of online learning, students have the possibility to live a full life but also to get knowledge. There is no need to spend time on the road to educational institutions and undergo unwanted expenses.

But for convenience, both students and teachers need to use different educational apps to facilitate the learning process. They stand for easily accessible resources for studying and enable students to learn on their own schedule. These applications help you to keep busy and productive.

One may wonder what those apps are? To preserve your time, we gathered some examples of applications that guarantee high-quality learning experiences.


One of the best apps for teachers and students is called Vivi. This is a helpful application. Being a wireless presentation and screen mirroring tool, it enables learners and educators to see the same screen on their devices. Both teachers and students can save content and comment in real-time. The best part is that Vivi can be utilized by all devices. Thus, there is no necessity to worry about most learners having Apple, while you are a user of Android.

There is a single rule. The Blue box should be plugged into your classroom. It will enable you to move around the class freely. Although this tool is expensive if a class buys it at its own expense, it would be a better idea if a school administration purchases it.


Ordinary users can not only utilize windows and Linux VPN software to get access to the desired TV shows. If you are a VPN client of Linux, then you can use it for online learning as well. The best part is that finding the most suitable free VPN for Linux will not take much time and effort. For example, VeePN is surely worth your attention. With its privacy tools, your location and sensitive data are protected strongly. With this VPN you have the possibility to get access to blocked resources with useful information from any device. Moreover, Ubuntu free VPN will assist you to download any desired courses without restrictions.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is perfect for online learning. It is one of the best apps for teachers and educators since Google Classroom assists to revolutionize teaching. Google Classroom unites the following applications: Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Draw. Educators can create announcements and tasks for individual classes. Also, they have a good possibility to attach worksheets, slideshows, weblinks, and many different things. Setting deadlines is likewise possible with Google Classroom.

The performed work by learners can be marked and returned to them for further revision. As soon as learners finish work it will be saved automatically to their Google Classroom class folders in their Google Drive. Setting up these folders is likewise conducted automatically. All completed work will be reliably saved.

Learners can send class comments that can be seen by all other students and educators assigned to that “Classroom. This means collaborative working becomes simpler. Also, students can send private comments to their educators in case they need help and have no desire to share their questions with the rest of the learners.


Online learning does not mean students cannot get behavior points. Everybody gets used to behavior management systems that concentrate on nondescript gold stars. But ClassDojo differs from such systems. ClassDojo stands for classroom behavior management reward system. With it, learners can receive +1 or-1 behavior points.

ClassDojo enables students to make an accent on positive feedback with educators that can build their own target patterns of behaviors. ClassDojo allows likewise creating reports that can be shared with parents and learners publicly or privately. Every learner should select an avatar that would look like a little monster. This makes this application fascinating.


Although it can be complicated to answer the “Which app is best for online learning?” question, iDoceo is worth your consideration for sure. It will be especially useful if you utilize an iPad to manage your classes at your educational institution.

As one has guessed, iDoceo is accessible on iPads only. iDoceo is a diary, grade book, planner, and schedule. Moreover, iDoceo involves seating plan configuration tools, for example, a randomizer. Being a great application, iDoceo will surely simplify your life. Concerning its price, according to the latest data, iDoceo costs $11.99.

We think it is a fair price for such an app. As a result, you get the possibility to create classes and import class data from other sources. Among other useful functions of iDoceo, it allows users to add files and resources to any of your classes’ bulletin boards and deliver individual and massive emails to your learners.


Many online learning applications are waiting to be installed and used in lessons by learners and teachers from all over the globe. Since available app options continue to appear, it may be time-consuming and challenging to define the most suitable applications.

Which is the No 1 educational app? Well, all the discussed above applications are worth your attention and enable educators and students to benefit in their own way. With them, online learning will become easier from the moment of loading on the desired device.

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