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Classroom Discipline

It is a sad thing to read in the newspapers and hear over the radio that a number of teachers were suspended or terminated from the service due to the imposition of corporal punishments on misbehaved learners. This is happening to some teachers because they connote discipline with corporal punishment. Basically, the teacher should always remember that children have a tendency of being disobedient. In other words children are always getting out of life. This truth need not be discouraging but can be a real challenge for teachers. Discipline in the classroom means the principle of control or regulation in the behavior of the child.

One important thing that a teacher should do is to conduct an orientation on the pupils at the start of the school year. Part of the orientation is the formulation of guidelines on classroom discipline and the pupils’ active participation. If the pupils are made to participate in formulating the guidelines to be followed in the classroom work, there is a greater possibility for the pupils to follow them well. When someone still misbehaves, the teacher must call the attention of the pupil and make him aware of the guidelines being violated with the advice not to do it again.

On top of this, teachers are expected to make her lessons more interesting to the learners. The lesson can be interesting if it is suitable to the age level and within the experience of the learner. The teacher should accept the fact that “the child learns by doing, and the world becomes real to him through everyday experience encountered at home and in school”. On the other hand, the teacher is expected to discover the potentials of every pupil since he is in a better position to develop the pupils to gain more skills which are vital for socioeconomic advancement of man-kind. One of the equally important things to consider is classroom atmosphere. Meaning to say that classrooms are to be structured properly. Teaching materials like books, manuals and visual aids are in their proper places ready for pupils’ use.

After having done all these things and still the learners misbehave, the teacher need not lose his temper; instead he guides or advises the pupil to do the right thing as per instructed. This can be made possible if the teacher truly loves his work as well as his pupils. Let me remind the teachers that there is nothing impossible where there is love. What life really needs today is loving and being loved well.


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