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Digital Storytelling in English Class: A Multimedia Learning Experience

With the vast and prolific outputs made from classroom lessons, students are now highly equipped to use the technical advancement of using different software in the digital environment for their requirements. Students find this activity to be interesting, fun and exciting in the exploration of skills and resources in technology incorporated in other disciplines of learning.

English competencies plus the computer skills promote positive learning among the students. In the event of using class room content with digitized information, multimedia outputs are recommended with little continuous involvement of the teachers or other costs that leave significant changes in students’ learning. One of these computer-supported activities in English is Digital storytelling.

In Digital storytelling, the students are given wide vast of opportunities to make a story board in the form of video or images. Relevant to this, they are free to use computer application in doing this activity. They are also required to use information and resources available in their immediate environment. The storytelling can be short film, documentary film, interview or any type of multimedia form of telling stories that are deemed to be significant in their lessons as their outputs.

The teachers shall just give the theme, content and organization of material to the students as their working guidelines. They shall be given enough time to gather information and to set up the needed tools for the project. It is also advised that the students shall keep journals for the account of their day-to-day experiences in accomplishing the task for feedbacks and evaluation of their teachers. Checklist indicating how far they have been developed in terms of interactive learning in doing the project with the integration of technology is also recommended. This is to evaluate the interactive learning experience gained by the students in the said course.

Activities in English classes should be interactive and creative. It is also a need for the learners to achieve digital literacy in their learning in response to continuous spun of change in technology. At this point, English modern teachers shall extend classroom activities to the world of digital works and information where students are free to exchange ideas and explore skills in taking the advancement of new software and applications in the worldwide web.

This multimedia learning experience is just one of those evidences that there is really a great deal between the students and teachers to keep abreast with the technology of our time.


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Marichele Merculio

Marichele M. Merculio, Education Program Specialist II in the Schools Division of Nueva Ecija. She is 35 years old, an English curriculum writer, division trainer in English, Campus Journalism and Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED). She finished Master of Arts in Language and Literature at Central Luzon State University.

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