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The Essence of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated every 14th of February. On this day, expensive gifts are exchanged. Expensive dates are set. It is a great and memorable day for lovers.

Valentine’s Day is a day for loving. Loving means sharing. Valentine’s Day is a day for sharing our care with our loved ones, friends, enemies or foes. God’s lowest brethren and others. It is not necessary that we spend a big amount of money to show that we care.

To our loved ones, little meaningful deeds done for them will surely be appreciated. The appreciation may not be spontaneous, but sooner or later, it will be acknowledged with thanks.

If we always solve their problems, we are not sharing our care with our beloved and friends. We are only making them dependents on us. The proper thing to do is to help them solve their own problems. The amount of help extended should be diminished gradually until they will be able to solve their own problems independently with intelligence. Let us not give them “fish” but instead let us teach them “how to fish.” Giving them “fish” will only give them temporary relief of their problems; but helping them “how to fish” will have greater impact on their economic uplift and personal satisfaction.

Our enemies or foes deserve to share our care and love. Directly or indirectly; they have helped us to improve ourselves. Through them, we are able to find some of our faults (although many of us will not accept that these are really faults). Loving our enemies is a difficult task to do or even think of it. To many, it is only lip-service. Loving our foes will improve our relationship with them. For every unkind word or misdeed, let us reciprocate with a kind word or even a good deed. If we love our enemies, we are loving our neighbors, thereby, we are following one of the commandments of God.

Who are God’s lowest brethren? God’s lowest brethren are those who are very poor economically, those who are physically and psychologically handicapped and those who are afflicted with dreadful diseases. The least that they want from us is pity. Pitying them will only make them realize that they are outcasts. They may even curse God for their present state. They need special care, understanding, patience and assistance in some manner. Generally, they would rather accepted just like the others. We should be generous with our patience in dealing with them, so that they may be able to help or even improve their present state. Those who show their care to God’s lowest brethren love Him.

The “others” are those who are not your loved ones, friends, enemies or God’s lowest brethren. They are also God’s creatures. They need also our attention and help.

Sharing our care with our beloved, friends, foes, God’s lowest brethren and others means that we are also loving ourselves. We intend to improve our self-being, if we care for them. We are not only making them happy, but most of all, we are making the Supreme Creator happy. Love is not necessarily expressed in oral or written speech but more so in action.

Valentine’s Day should not only be celebrated once a year. The day should not be devoted only to our beloved and special friends. The essence of this day should be practiced everyday, now and forever. Let us make everyday a Valentine’s Day.

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